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Art schools, teachers, instruction resources...
Resource Type Resource Name Country Website Picture
Art Instructor - practical How to Paint Animals United Kingdom Learn to paint animals
Learn to paint animals right now, from a professional wildlife artist.

Online or personal instruction -
Art School Borrowdale Gates Water Artist Week United Kingdom Lake District Artist Holidays
Within the Borrowdale Gates Hotel in Keswick is an art studio where watercolour artist weeks are held. Surrounded by endless subjects of the Lake District National Park, inspiration and imagination is always in abundance.
Art School Bali Art Courses, Bali Center for Artistic Creativity, Founder and Instructor, Mr Bruce Sherratt, International Artist, teacher and examiner. Indonesia bali art courses, BCAC (Bali Center for Artistic creativity in Ubud, Bali offers courses to visitors, expats, international schools and accredited courses for teachers.
The Bali Center for Artistic Creativity (BCAC) offers classes, courses, workshops, seminars and instruction to individuals and groups interested in discovering, experimenting, developing or extending their artistic creative talents and skills, everyone has an inner artist wanting to create.

A very wide range of people take classes or courses at BCAC, from the actress Julia Roberts and family – Julia was in Bali filming the movie ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ to people with backgrounds as varied as teachers, engineers, plumbers and electricians, university professors, psychologists, doctors and dentists to name a few, and groups of students from different schools, including International and other educational institutions.
Internet resource site Design Service: oil painting and art China Design Service: oil painting and art
Design firms; we offer designing service, top web and peinture à l'huile, designing paintings and Ölgemälde.
Art School Sessions College for Professional Design United States Sessions College for Professional Design
No Picture
Sessions College can help you to prepare for a creative career as a professional artist. Online certification and degree programs offered for graphic design, web design, multimedia, marketing, game art, fine arts, and more.
Art School Sessions College United States Art Courses
Online certificate and degree programs in professional design and visual arts. Our accredited award-winning programs provide students with the skills they need to get started in the art industry.
Art School Northeast Center for Youth and Families United States Northeast Center for Youth and Families
No Picture
Northeast Center for Youth and Families offers expressive art therapy for troubled kids and teens in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Art therapy can promote growth and healing through an expressive outlet.
Art School Liberal Academy of Fine Arts Italy Liberal Academy of Fine Arts
No Picture
The Liberal Academy of Fine Arts of Florence, offers academic courses of 3 plus 2 years (restructured duration) for diplomas at 1st and 2nd level (equivalent to the short degree and specialization degree) in five subjects: Photography, Graphic Design and Multimedia, Design, Painting and Restoration.
Art Degree / Diploma Program Burlington College United States Art School
Burlington College is a private, nontraditional liberal arts institution located in Burlington, Vermont, that honors each student as an individual. The College offers courses, majors and degree programs suited to those individual characteristics. These include Associate, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees, as well as an Individualized Master’s degree program, and several professional certificate programs. Burlington College offers a strong liberal arts curricula in the Humanities, Fine Arts and the Social Sciences has resulted in the focused development of majors such as Integrated Psychology, Expressive Arts, Writing and Literature, Photography, Cinema Studies and Film degrees.
Internet resource site life Drawing ??? Mike Emery Life Drawing Model
Life Drawing(Artist's Model)
Art Degree / Diploma Program Web Window to the world of design and art education
No Picture is a network of quality institutions imparting art, design, fashion, interior and related education worldwide.
Art School Brooks Institute United States California Graphic Design Colleges
Are you looking for an art and design college in California? Brooks Institute offers career training in the fields of photography, film, graphic design and more.
Internet resource site The Perspective University Jamaica The Perspective University
The Perspective University will be starting a new course in mid January 2011. The course will teach how to construct and use perspective for all form of art. The study of Perspective and the reason it should always be used in drawings of all types and how it is important to anyone who need depth in there artwork.

Focusing on 2 and 3 Point Perspective with the use of accurate measuring points, the reason for the ground and horizontal lines, vanishing points and the cone of vision. You will also be taught the tools that are used to create Perspective.

We all see and use Perspective everyday of our lives yet as artists we often never understand it or use it in our drawings, this course will show you how it works, why it works and the reason you need to learn Perspective.

The course is made up of Modules and will take you through the process of constructing Perspective to learning about how to place shadows, reflection, using light source, correcting distortion and will be of great help to users of Adobe Illustrator CS5.
Art Teacher - academic Atelier Neo Medici France
of the ATELIER NEO-MEDICI, invites
students and professional painters to the
Aquitaine region of France, for a three
month intensive painting workshop.
Pelizzari teaches an approach to painting
known as the "technique mixte",which has
its antecedents with the early Northern
masters (Jan van Eyck). This technique
employs a tempera underpainting over
which oil colours are glazed,enabling the
artist to achieve a profoundly intricate level
of detail and greater luminosity of colour
than oil paint alone can produce.
The “Atelier Neo Medici” believes that in
order to create constant art, i.e., art which
trancends the fashionable, it is necessary
for the artist to have had a comprehensive
background in traditional techniques. The
quality of a painting can be assessed in
term of its technical virtuosity e.g.
composition and color harmony,or treatment
of light. As Plato wrote: The Good is the
Art School Gulf Coast Atelier United States fine arts studio promoting classical principles in contemporary art. The Atelier’s primary intention is to provide a high level of artistic education in realist drawing and painting
GCA is part of an ever growing International “Atelier” artistic movement dedicated to promoting classical principles in contemporary art. The Atelier’s primary intention is to provide a high level of artistic education in realist drawing and painting at an affordable cost to artists. GCA emphasizes the application of Old Master craftsmanship, working from life and the study of nature in the subtropical climate of the southern United States
Internet resource site Web Art Academy .com United States CLICK HERE to Visit WebArtAcademy .com - Sign up and receive FREE Art Book!
Step by step tutorials reveal you
The Old Master’s Fine Art Technique.
Follow the tutorials and
Your Art Will Never Be the Same Again!

Visit WebArtAcademy .com - Sign up and receive FREE Art Book!
Art Instructor - practical Painting ideas and techniques Netherlands Painting ideas and
Painting ideas and techniques for art and interior design. Lots of info on painting materials: oil painting supplies, acrylic painting, interior painting supplies and techniques - sided with artistic know-how on color, composition and interior design. With pics and guides to faux painting and color washing. Special attention to classical oil painting techniques of layering and underpainting.
Internet resource site PTP- Power to Paint Art Instruction DVD's Canada PTP - Art Instruction DVD's
Welcome to the custom designed art instruction course taught by internationally acclaimed nature artist Derek C Wicks. Power to Paint DVD videos take the viewer on a " step - by - step" tour of Derek's process. Start with a blank canvas and learn the the tricks and techniques that have made Derek a household name in the international art world. Power to paint videos take the viewer into the studio of the artist and allow them to view the process of high detail painting first hand. With enhanced overlay graphics and keen video editing, power to paint delivers the most comprehensive line of "how to" video's in the art instruction field.
Visit the website of Canadian Artist Brian Simons and enjoy his bold, colorful acrylic paintings. Acrylic Painting workshops and books also available.
Internet resource site Arts and Cash United States Arts and Cash
Arts and Cash has practical articles (not just teasers) by artists for artists abut the business side of art.