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Artists Groups and Organizations....
Organization Name Country City Web Site Group Logo
Cosmic Cow Society United States Greensboro, NC Cosmic Cow Society
The Cosmic Cow Society is an invitation-only group of eclectic artists working in a variety of media based in Central NC. The organization hosts a number of shows each year, including fundraisers and educational events. Its mission is to bring art into the community.
Taller Multinacional Mexico Mexico City Platform dedicated to discuss and improve visual arts practices and creative process and production in Mexico and Latinoamerica
No Picture
Taller Multinacional is located in Fernanda Mejía's and Miguel Rodriguez' artist workshop in Mexico City's downtown. While working with other artists and institutions from Latinoamerica and Mexico, started to realize the importance of the collaborative process and projects in arts, given the urgency on discussing and changing some old artistic practices, cultural policy's and deficient infrastructure for must of the South and center american countries, but most importantly to discuss this agenda parting from the very center of the practice, it is to say with the artistic community itself and around their own forms and needs of life, searching for new forms of action and interaction between the different cultural actors. So, for a start it was urgent to conform a platform introducing the simple possibility of discussion and analysis of the artistic scene and this way to determine some of the most relevant problems and ideas to the visual arts practice today in our context.
This is why in July 2009 Fernanda Mejía, Victoria Narro and Miguel Rodríguez Sepúlveda after a long and thoughtful conversations decided to open the space to the public and to create a platform dedicated to discuss and improve visual arts practices and creative process and production, taking steps to formalize their activities in Mexico city, aiming to consolidate their international network (established by the artists during their international career mainly in South America) and to extended to an other incipient artists networks and associations around latinoamerican countries.
International Artist Day oct 25th yearly Canada Vancouver A special day held every year to honor all the contributions artists have given society.
October 25th is International Artists Day Perhaps an overview is needed to explain the concept.
Artists are a much ignored group although almost anything you use day to day has an artistic design at its root. Throughout history art has been the most important defining characterization of a culture or people. Art survives personalities, dynasties, movements and civilizations. Artists are pioneers and are usually at the forefront of changing times and events.
Now more than ever it is important to focus on art and culture. Mainstream television, globalization and the Internet are wiring everyone up to the lowest common denominator. True living requires atunement to our common humanity which is accessed through inspiration and the arts. By giving our attention to artists, we have the opportunity for one day to focus on what is eternal and timeless in our civilization. Just as Remembrance Day is important for the pausing to reflect, Oct. 25th can give us a reason to participate in the arts personally.
Visit a gallery, attend an art show, take an artist to lunch or visit his studio are a just few ways to stop and remember the artist. Talk to your kids about art, even if you don't think you know much about art, to help instill some interest in art with them. If you're like most people, you didn't grow up with art as an important aspect of living, but “the buck stops here” when it comes to your kids and we need to take more of an interest for their sakes. Please go to web site and join us at facebook also.
Gulf Coast Atelier United States Naples Fine arts organization dedicated to promoting classical principles in contemporary art. The Atelier’s primary intention is to provide a high level of artistic education in realist drawing and painting
CGA is part of an ever growing International “Atelier” artistic movement dedicated to promoting classical principles in contemporary art. The Atelier’s primary intention is to provide a high level of artistic education in realist drawing and painting at an affordable cost to artists. GCA emphasizes the application of Old Master craftsmanship, working from life and the study of nature in the subtropical climate of the southern United States
Ateneo Art Cuba Santiago de Cuba Cuban art, artists from Cuba, fine art Cuba
Ateneo Art Cuba is a non-profit organization for artists in Cuba. Various artists from Cuba are able to gain public exposure of their works and sell their paintings online. All profits go towards promoting these artists and supplying them with the basic tools of their art, including canvas, paint and brushes.
LatestArtNews United Kingdom London Latest Art News from Around The Word
No Picture
Art News, Exhibitions, Artists, Galleries, Museums, Paintings, Guide to Contemporary & Fine Arts News
Web Art Academy .com ??? London - New York CLICK HERE to Visit WebArtAcademy .com - Sign up and receive FREE Art Book!
Step by step tutorials reveal you
The Old Master’s Fine Art Technique.
Follow the tutorials and
Your Art Will Never Be the Same Again!
Pittsburgh Pastel Artists League United States PIttsburgh Pastel organization located in Southwestern Pennsylvania
The Pittsburgh Pastel Artist League was formed in 2002 by Dr. Pat Bianco. She was looking for other pastel artists in the Pittsburgh area and placed
an ad in the local paper and was bombarded with other pastelists with the same idea. We are a loose typical meetings..mostly E-letters
containing info on exhibits, supplies, artists' accomplishments, websites, etc. When we do meet, we have fun...usually a business meeting first, lunch, and a
paint out.
New York Academy of Art United States New York WEBSITE
At the New York Academy of Art, we believe that the world of visual art is built upon the essential cornerstones of figurative drawing, painting, and sculpture. Mastering these disciplines is critical to the development of an artist's personal vision and, ultimately, to the creation of vital contemporary art.
Toyism Art Movement Netherlands Emmen The World of Toyism
1992 – Present
“Once upon a time, in an Emmen, Netherlands basement, an art movement named “Toyism” was born from one Mother and many fathers.” Doesn’t that sound like a good story starter? Actually, the time was 1992, Mother is an inanimate object and the fathers may be male or female - but none of these facts detract from the good story part. Here, just listen …

Toyism came about partly as a countermeasure to two decades’ worth of that which might be construed as an increasing “anything goes” Post-Modern individualism. The 1970s-1990s environment, that fostered works such as a fleck of human faces on a piece of paper, was long on sensation but often short on traditional skills. Fittingly, Toyism was born in the Netherlands where the time-honored craft of painting never quite went out of fashion.

Dejo, a visual artist and musician living in Holland wrote a manifesto and, together with two other visual artists, introduced Toyism to the public.

Moeder, which is Dutch for “mother,” is the manifesto of the Toyists. Mother’s contents are known only to the current Toyists, one Toyist emeritus and the notary public who affixed his seal to Mother on April 23, 1993 in Emmen. Do we need to know Mother’s contents? We don’t. All that is important is that we know three things.

1. Mother provides a framework for creation
2. Every Toyist’s creation is embraced as a new flirtation for Mother.
3. Mother was revised in October of 2002 in order to attract younger artists to Toyism.

Who are the Toyists?
Upon joining the group, each Toyist selects a pseudonym that must begin with a letter of the alphabet not already in use by another Toyist. After this point, and regardless of how one signs his or her rent checks, the artist signs all works with the chosen pseudonym. Why? It’s a collective, you see. It’s faceless. We fans of Toyism are not meant to single out John Q. Famous Artist or Jane Dough, Media Darling.
Prov-ocations United States Providence A women's creative group of artists in the Providence, Rhode Island area
Prov-ocations is a group of creative women in and around Providence, RI. We meet regularly to share art, ideas and events that nurture the creative soul.

Members of Prov-ocations are creatives with diverse talents. We celebrate our creative selves with arts, crafts, music and performance.
International Decorative Artists Forum ??? new york Forum and business resources for decorative and mural artists.
Talk Faux was the first forum built entirely for all decorative artists and muralists that allowed the discussion and promotion of all products, services and schools without bias. . Talk Faux is known as an International forum for its many members from around the world. Used primarily by professionals, TF is the place to go to get help with an upcoming or current project, get inspiration, or just connect with fellow artists. Features; Custom profiles, forum photo gallery, video gallery, Classifieds (members can buy and sell with direct payment going to their PayPal account), language translation, monthly featured artists, chat room, job listings. Members can customize their profiles with custom backgrounds, music, personal photo gallery and video and friends requests. Talk Faux has become the most active forum for decorative artists.

Talk Faux is proud to call some of the most distinguished leaders in the industry as moderators. All moderators bring a unique contribution and appeal to the forum.
Muskoka Arts and Crafts Canada Bracebridge Non Profit Visual Arts Organization in Muskoka Ontario Canada
One of Ontario’s oldest and most well established arts organizations, Muskoka Arts & Crafts has grown since its inception in 1963 to include over 370 artists and arts supporters, and has become an innovative force in the community at large.

For artists, Muskoka Arts & Crafts is one of the benefits of living in Muskoka, a source of support through like-minded people that fosters creative growth and a feeling of community. In turn, the promotion of the arts through Muskoka Arts & Crafts and its members has made Muskoka a vibrant and culturally engaged destination for visitors, local residents and summer residents alike.

Muskoka Arts & Crafts is a non-profit organization that is completely self-supporting. Its annual Christmas, Spring Members’ and Who Art Thou events feature the work of its many members, and the Chapel Gallery in Bracebridge, which Muskoka Arts & Crafts calls home, hosts an ongoing cycle of juried exhibitions by local and visiting artists. Muskoka Arts & Crafts’ Summer Show, which has been a feature in the community for 47 years, attracts hundreds of artists from across the country, and is visited each year by over 20,000 people.

Membership to Muskoka Arts and Crafts is open to all residents and property owners in the Muskoka region.
Artsy Shark United States Westminster Artsy Shark
Artsy Shark is a site focused on informing, encouraging and advocating for the emerging artist. Articles and interviews with experts in various fields of art are frequently posted, with subjects such as how to market your work, art education, corporate art consulting, working with galleries, and more. Each week a new emerging artist becomes the Featured Artist, and has a portfolio and interview posted. Visit often to get valuable information on how to launch and build your art career. United States Internet Based-We Feature Artists At No Cost Interviews With Artists
No Picture features two to three artists every week. Our goal is to provide more exposure for both emerging and established artists. As a retired Internet Media Publicist, I now donate this time to my featured artists at Whopple. The features are fun and inspiring to read and give an inside look at the artist.

I provide free publicity for every artist featured at There are no charges to become involved. To be featured please write to me at:
[email protected] and include a link to your artwork online.

All artists must provide at least 3 jpg pics of artwork, and a picture of themselves. A picture of their art space is also fun but not mandatory. Every artist featured at must have a website where more of their art is featured. This can be their own blog, or an Etsy shop, etc., but it must be solely dedicated to their art.

We love artists!
Anne Marie
For the Children, Inc. United States Boise Humanitarian Art-Using fine art to feed the poor
For the Children, Inc.was founded in 1998.We combine fine arts with compassionate giving to provide are for poor children.through exhibitions of art and in formation, good people are inspired to reach out to these "poorest of children." See more at as well as
HeArt Club China Beijing Fine Art China
HeArt Club is located in Beijing 798 Art District, which consists of He Gallery, HeArt Magazine, HeArt Website (, and the HeArt Membership Club.

This is a comprehensive institution that encourages contemporary artists, art collectors and art media to gather all together.
By organizing art shows, arranging academic reviews, recommending art work in art magazines and featuring artists on the internet, HeArt has established an art bridge to help artists keep in touch with the art world industry. Via this platform, artists can not only focus on their art research, but also have the art exchange internationally.
RankedArt Web Buenos Aires A spot for Artists & Art Lovers
RankedArt stands as a new community resource on the web. In this particular case, the site is aimed both at artists and those who love art and culture. Artists can easily share their creations on the site and receive instant feedback both from colleagues and punters via a voting system and direct comments on each of their submitted works. The ranking system goes from 1 to 10, with 1 being the lowest rating. Visitors must leave a rating in order to see another piece.
Orange County Artists Guild United States Carrboro, NC Orange County Artists Guild
The Orange County Artists Guild is a non-profit organization seeking to increase the visibility and recognition of area artists and crafts people.
Merrickville Artists Guild Canada Merrickville, ON Merrickville Artists Guild
Merrickville modestly claims to be Canada’s prettiest village - a claim you will find well founded if you visit here either in summer or winter. Merrickville is also home to the Merrickville Artists' Guild, or MAG as we like to call ourselves. As a group of local artists we formed a guild in 1984 to help promote our work. Some of the original artists are still with us, along with many others now, who offer a wide variety of interests in art and craft. Most of us are open year round, by chance or appointment, and we still hold our annual Studio Tour and Sale in the fall. At that time if you decide to visit you know for sure we will be at home in our studios waiting to welcome you..... But come by at any time of the year. There's lots to see and Merrickville is a lovely place to be. There's a 'feeling' about it all.