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Artist Owned Galleries....
Gallery Name Country Web Site Gallery Logo
Museum Quality Picture Framing – Paintbox Soho United States Paintbox Soho
Paintbox Soho is a custom picture framing shop offering museum quality picture framing and peripheral art-work services. We use only the highest quality acid-free material to keep your art-work preserved for years in its ideal condition. Along with inexpensive framing, our valuable clients are also provided with expert consultation for selecting highly suitable frames, mats and glass. We also offer local, national and international shipping for total client satisfaction.
Mille Couleurs Arts United Kingdom Here you will see the the profiles of different artists, their work and news on their exhibition.
All of our stock paintings are Hand Painted Oil on Canvas, the images shown on are photographs of the actual paintings, however, the photographs, cannot show the depth of colour, texture and brush/knife strokes or the wonderful feel of Oil on Canvas.

All of our stock paintings are offered at exceptional value for money!

100% Satisfaction or 100% Refund

No questions asked!
Fitz & Bean United States Fitz & Bean Fine Art
Fitz & Bean is a two person studio out of central Massachusetts focusing on abstract fine art in acrylic and oil on canvas. We also offer fine art prints and home decor objects. Greece UNIQUE-ART-PAITNINGS.COM
The promotes through its associates, exclusively, important paintings, for sale, oil paintings on canvas, which are a worthwhile investment opportunity for collectors and lovers of Fine Arts. We have the pleasure to introduce you to the unique paintings of the great Greek painter Iannis Nikou, who has excelled both in Greece and abroad.

Then, you are going to see paintings, chosen for you, from all the thematic units of the artist, as classified by the historians of Art who have studied his multifarious work. Paintings that will help you to travel to the "World of Angels", the "Biblical Cycle", the "Romantic" and the "Medieval Cycle", the "Paganistic – Allegorical Cycle", "Mythological Cycle", the "Historical Cycle", the "Trasfigurations" and the "No Name" of Iannis Nikou.

An other area of Art, in which Nikou has been awarded (Biennale Rome 1988) and praised by the Art Experts, are his drawings, that are completed paintings with pencil. We are pleased to present some of them, in the drawings unit.

The paintings of Iannis Nikou, attract all kind of purchasers, as they present his long artistic career, having thus secured the corresponding market value.
Helen Rudy United States glass art
No Picture
Helen Rudy's fused glass art pieces are made of multiple layers of opaque and transparent colored glass that are hand cut from sheets. She composes and assembles the glass, which is then melted or fused in a special glass kiln. This process of sandwiching and building up layers of colors and then melting it, creates glass with amazing depth and intensity of color.
LINEA How Artists Think United States LINEA How Artists Think
LINEA documents how artists, create, provoke, and inspire. It began as a print publication of the Art Students League of New York in 1997.
Figurative painters Web Paintings
Virtual gallery of paintings and drawings by contemporary figure painters and other famous artists' work. On-line gallery of oil painting, figure paintings, watercolor paintings, figure drawings and information about figurative art.
Samuel Lynne Galleries United States Samuel Lynne Galleries
Located in the heart of the Dallas Design District, Samuel Lynne Galleries was founded in 2008 by Reflectionist artist JD Miller and renowned restaurateur Philip J. Romano. Samuel Lynne Galleries has since proven itself to be a premier destination for art collectors and enthusiasts alike, due to its extensive collection of work by local and internationally recognized artists.
Ealy Mays Online Art Gallery United States Ealy Mays Artworks
No Picture
Here you will find the works of one of the most prolific African American artists. Based in Paris, France, this selection includes current masterpieces as well retrospectives from a body of over 30 years as an ethnic artist painting in the United States, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Europe. Your choice of paintings, prints, posters, postcards, puzzles, memorabilia, T-shirts, collectibles, accessories, and more, is only a click away.
Chamberart ??? Chamberart
No Picture
my art my paintings United Kingdom on line gallery of traditional/contemorary realist portrait paintings
My main painting styles are predominately traditional, narrative and contemporary realism and often a blend of both.
When not painting commissions my personal work disciplines are often divided between portrait, figurative, and animals or pet portraits.
With landscape, cityscape or room interiors as backdrops.

I am my paintings. My paintings are me.
A world of harmony, recollections, dreams and reality in oils on canvas.
My paintings are based on ideas influenced by real-life situations and experiences.
Issues of everyday life to long term influences during my own life time.
The transition from childhood to adulthood and the changes in relationships over the course of time.
The meaning that the passage of time imprints on all our lives.
My main disciplines continue to be inspired and dedicated to portraiture and figurative painting in traditional and contemporary realism.
Smyart United Kingdom International online fine art gallery is an international online art gallery featuring more than 1 500 artists from more than 70 countries. The registration is completely free. Additionally the artists can choose from various stylish design templates or personalized web design for their personal galleries.
Ilfracombe Art and Crafts Gallery United Kingdom Ilfracombe Art and Crafts Gallery
We are proud to have created an exhibition area for both Art and Craft that is probably the best Exhibition facility in North Devon, that is independent and non-subsidised.

We have maintained our ambition to support local charities and over the 40 years, have donated close on £100,000 to local causes. All items are hand made, and painted by local artists, and each season there is an on-going raffle for a painting of your choice from three paintings offered.
We average over 40,000 visitors each season and are wheelchair, child and dog friendly.
Look Beyond Art Gallery United States Art Gallery Miami Beach
Look Beyond Art Gallery in Miami Beach was founded by renowned French artist Thierry Dufloo in 2012. They sell a wide array of paintings, sculptures, furniture, and ceramics.
Gill Bustamante B.A.- Sussex Animal Portrait Artist United Kingdom Gill Bustamante Website
I am a professional artist and art tutor based in Sussex and I paint animal portraits, landscapes, seascapes and whatever else I fancy. I did my art foundation course at Chelsea and my fine art degree course at Brighton completing in 1983. My paintings are bright and contemporary and they get attention wherever they go. I am not arty, deep, mysterious, messed up, young, ‘emerging’ or remotely likely to get famous - I just like painting. I am inspired by music, cake and practically anything I look at. I plan to pretend I am dead at some point in order to sell more paintings.

Prints and cards can be purchased via or

I am a best selling artist on
Art classes Mississauga Canada
No Picture
Plence Studios provides art, music and dance classes for different age groups or the whole family with flexible payment plans in region of North West of Mississauga
Indian Art Gallery India Indian Art Gallery
Indian Art Gallery about Contemporary Art, Canvas Art, Traditional Art, Landscape Art, Modern Art, Framed Art, Gift Art, Corporate Art, Decorative Arts, Realism Art and Wildlife Art.
Colour Harmony Art School and Gallery Australia Art School & Gallery of Debra Lohrere
Debra Lohrere of Colour Harmony Art School and Gallery runs weekly Art classes and Art workshops teaching both beginners and advanced students. Her works are on display in the gallery, which also has an art supply section and gift shop attached.
I. M. Mueller's ArtZone Brazil I. M. Mueller's ArtZone
Surrealistic art in oil, but I use many medias like pencil, colored pencils, watercolor, tempera gouache, ink and acrylics and some pastels. Subjects varied as well. Children, comics, historical, portraits, landscapes, nudes,still life and western.
I am a fine-arts artist, portraitist, illustrator and graphic designer.