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Individual artists....
Name of Artist Country Artist's Website Artist's Work (photo)
Gull-Britt Mallaug Norway Scandi-Art
Gull-Britt Mallaug was born in Væsterås, Sweden. The last 35 years she has lived in Karmøy in Norway, and is residing 3 months in the summer in Lofoten, Norway. Gull-Britt has education as technical drawer and has work within that field for 30 years. The last 10 years she has also been an active autodidact akvarel painter. She like to paint boat house motives from Haugesund and Karmøy. When she is in Lofotoen she paint local motives including the northern light. She has many times taking training classes with Torgeir Schølberg, which was one of Norway’s best akvarel painters. She has also participated in many other classes.
Mark Loman United Kingdom Devon artist Mark Loman
Mark Loman is Exmouth born and bred. He specialises in direct painting from life (alla prima, or plein air) and enjoys working in all the genres.
Mark is self taught, working through books, videos and a home study art academy course (from international artist magazine) over the past five years, and continues to do so.

He has been working in oils for the past Ten years and regularly exhibits with the Exmouth art group with great success, receiving the Norah Pearse prize Award on Two occasions.

At Christmas He held a Pop up gallery show in Exmouth town center exhibiting over 30 Original paintings and limited edition prints, which was a great success.
He also exhibits with the Southwest Academy of Fine & Applied Arts. - See more at:
ilvit United States
Chris is a political science student/artist living in Atlanta, GA. His blog features commentaries on politics, society, style and art.
Nadir, an artist from León (Spain) recognized within a circle of the artists from Spain.
Nadir M. García (1971), native of León (Spain), Bachelor of Art History by the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the State Leon University, begins to expose in 1989.In 2008 he coined the term “tecnohiperrealismo” to designate an innovative pictorial stream, argued theoretically by publishing of an essay. Nowadays his language becomes symbolic, makes us enter into a dreamland, coexisting with a clear abstraction with metaphysical connotations.In his individual exhibition of contemporary art “30 Oceans” in the Auditorium City of León (Spain), the artist culminated his activity to be recognized within the circle of artists of Spain with his painting works of contemporary art.
Andrew Cowdell United Kingdom Fine Art in is an online gallery of original oil paintings by Andrew Cowdell, MA.
My oil painting is founded on a combination of formal art training and self-teaching. Taking beauty as a basis, it is my response to what life allows me to glimpse occasionally. I like to combine detailed and accurate observations with background restraint and simplicity, often to evoke a distinctive contemporary aesthetic. It is this highly personal way in which I select, enhance, or eliminate elements in my paintings which I hope captures the essence of my subjects.
I hold a BA(Hons) degree in scientific illustration, and an MA in Museology, including an internship at the Smithsonian Institute, Washington DC. I live and work in West Berkshire, UK.
Rima Maroun Lebanon Rima Wedding Photo
Rima Maroun is an artist photographer member of the wedding photojournalist association WPJA and Fearless photographers.

Winner of the Anna Lindh Foundation award for the dialogue between arts and culture in 2008, she has been exhibiting her photographic work around the world. From Europe (France, Italy, Hungary, Estonia, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Montenegro, and Greece) to the Middle East (Lebanon, Syria, and United Arab Emirates) to Asia (Singapore) to Africa (Egypt, Tunisia) to the USA, Rima's photographic work has been seen everywhere!

Rima is a traveler photographer and a frequent flyer to destination wedding photography, and to her photo exhibitions around the world.

While Rima considers wedding photography a form of art, being an artist photographer empowers her to bring out poetic, creative and unforgettable images.
Natasha Marson Spain
Expressionist landscape paintings, .Limited edition prints by artist Natasha Marson.
Boomants Russia Art gallery of Boomants
Boomants was born in 1967 in Nagorno-Karabakh, Stepanakert. Studied 1982-86 in Art School named after P.Terlemezyan, Yerevan. 1989-94 in Yerevan Fine Arts and Theatre Institute.

Boomants is a Artist as well as a sculptor, who has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions worldwide and has won international acclaim from both art professionals and enthusiasts. Boomants' work has a uniquely identifiable style and technique. In his paintings, Boomants plays with form, light and layers of paint to hive his paintings an appearance of ornamental mosaic on canvas.
Karen Cortese United States
I love nature and wildlife and have been a horse lover since birth. Animals and the beauty of nature continue to inspire me to create art. I want people see through my eyes what they may
be missing and appreciate the natural world around us.

I am constantly working at the things I love, from slate paintings of colorful American birds and other wildlife to the amusing and well-crafted signs cleverly burned in different types of wood.

Here is some information on my background.
I went to Carrick High School in Pittsburgh from 1972 - 1976 and took art as my elective. I had no other formal art training and am fully self-taught. I strive to learn new mediums and find new challenges rewarding.

I was a small child when I started dabbling in art. If I had a piece of chalk, the road outside
our house became my canvas until the chalk ran out. When that happened in the middle of a
picture, I would find a soft rock to finish. Any paper in our house was drawn upon. I continued
my creative interest throughout my life. However, due to life’s complications, there was a period of 20 years that I did not create any artwork at all.

My love for animals (even reptiles and rodents) and nature continues to inspire my creativity
of rustic art. I am a self-taught artist with no formal training, who will sometimes struggle with
a new medium. I am not afraid to try something new, I even tried my hand at wood carving
and made a couple of clocks all of which were sold.

Thank you for reading my bio, and have a good day.

Karen M. Cortese
Cortese Creations
arpit biloria India Paintings by Arpit Biloria
Arpit Biloria (1980) a painter, sculptor and installation artist,has studied fine arts from the C.N.College of Fine Arts, Ahmedabad he has won the All India Fine Arts & Crafts society award for 2007. He has attended several camps and exhibited his work in different parts of the country like Banaras, Patna, Chennai, Bombay, Bengaluru, Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur, Hyderabad, Bhopal, Calicut and Ahmedabad. He has also exhibited at the Young Art Biennale at Moscow, Russia and at a solo show in London. His works are with art collectors across the country and abroad.

He is the founder member of ‘VERVE’ group of artists in Ahmedabad and has been working for the development of contemporary art in Ahmedabad and nation wide.
Louisa Boyd United Kingdom Artist's website
My work is inspired by the natural world, and the human connection with it. Despite the fact that many of us live detached from the natural environment in cities with lives governed by technology, we are still able to understand the powerful symbolism that nature depicts. We can relate to these themes with ease, understanding that a bird in flight can display freedom, a flock can demonstrate companionship and a forest pathway can show a personal journey. My interest in this area has developed over a series of personal experiences and events that have led me to feel at a distance from nature; periods of my life where I have lived in cities and found it difficult to experience quiet and serenity. It is during these periods of time that I recognise how important the natural environment is to me and long to immerse myself in it and portray it through my work. Consequently the themes of restriction and freedom consistently recur in my pieces.

Working with books sculpturally allows me to represent these ideas. Pages can be used restrictively and may only give glimpses of the information within them due to cut work, the way that they are bound and exhibited. Many of my books are not meant to be opened with pages turned, instead viewed only as a 3D form. Some books depict birds flying from them, released from their binding, others use the edges of the pages to show a broken image of a landscape.

Materials and technique play an important role in all the pieces, and I dedicate a lot of time to experimenting with paper, paint and printmaking, pushing materials and understanding what they do. I enjoy the sometimes unpredictable nature of the material. The conscious decision to leave some of my artist books without covers exposes them and their message and further alludes to the delicacy of our natural world.
Saneesha Colombia
Over the past decade and a half, I have worked on various themes and mediums. However I have found my calling in Abstract/Contemporary Indian mythology - as bright and expressive as India. My influence and inspiration are first colors, bright colors and then almost everything I see, imagine, feel, believe and do not believe in.
demon roi Italy Demon Roi Web Gallery
Born in Florence, Italy.
Multimedia expert, self–taught in the medium of marble sculpture.
His works are mostly inspired by mithology and popular culture.
Jason Morgan United Kingdom How to paint animals, original paintings and prints
I am a professional wildlife artist and art instructor specializing in big cats and African wildlife art

I have a gallery site -
Teaching site -
and Facebook -
Antonia Valero Spain official website of the spanish artist Antonia Valero
Antonia Valero is a spanish artist born in Madrid on May 9, 1952.
She currently lives and works in Madrid. She is a visual artist working with painting, photography, video, sculpture and art installations. Her art is penchant for monochrome, ephemeral art, poetry, music, industrial materials, geometry, intersection points and grids. She has had numerous solo and group exhibitions. Her work is in private collections and in several institutions.
Pavelle Fine Art United States Pavelle Fine Art
I live in Marina, California, a mile from Monterey Bay and about 12 miles from downtown Monterey. Monterey was made famous by Salinas native John Steinbeck with his book, 'Cannery Row', among many others.

Within easy driving reach are the communities of Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach, Carmel-by-the-Sea, Carmel Valley, Salinas, Big Sur, Moss Landing, Santa Cruz, and Yosemite as well as most of Northern California.

My work begins with my composing photographs while on location, bringing them into my computer and enriching, enhancing and/or manipulating the subject. I don't have one specific style but like to play with context, mood, shapes, and feeling. I know, these are all squishy-feely explanations. I just want my work to look good, be enjoyed by others, and to be showered with newly minted doubloons I can make into piles and jump into.

My professional credentials are equally impressive. I went to college in Northwestern Ohio, majored in Graphic Design with a degree in Fine Arts, which I didn't receive because I flunked Italian. I've painted in acrylics and oils, fabricated jewelry, constructed sculptures, built facades of Victorian Houses and other historic buildings using balsa and Elmer's Glue, been a production artist, designer, creative director, marketing director, business owner, and will make beer runs if everyone chips in. I was even a licensed street artist in the City of San Francisco. I used to freeze my ass off every weekend sitting down at the Embarcadero.
Topher United States Topher Fine Art
Topher draws and paints natural subjects
Marie Javorkova Czech Republic Marie Javorkova
Marie Javorkova

born 6.12.1974 is a Czech painter, sculpturer and illustrator and author magazine of Renome. She studied under Professor Karel Rusin - foundry, sculpture and with more Professors at the Prague Academy of Art. She uses many different styles - cubism, realism, fauvism etc., mediums paintings - oil, acrylic colors, mixed media, etc., mediums sculptures - bronze etc. and more techniques. A member of the WAF - USA Jojo Marengo, her works has featured on a more nationals gallery and private gallery /USA, England, Germany, France, Swiss, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Japan, China, JAR, Mexico, Argentina, etc. Michael Jackson was friend with Marie Javorkova /1996-2009/
http://www, www,]‎
http://]interview with Marie Javorkova etc.
Jimy Sloan Canada Paintings and Drawings by Jimy Sloan
Jimy Sloan is from Sackville, Nova Scotia and graduated from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in May 2012 with a BFA, Fine Arts Major in Painting.  His canvases reference aspects of his environment.  Imagery from photographs, magazines, newspapers, public archives and the internet is combined and used to create overlaid and interwoven painted images. These paintings become a way to create non-verbal stories which relate places, events, characters and objects. They are an attempt to create images in motion; an idea which is informed by painting, video and aural traditions.
Andre Price United States Ballerina Art
Andre Price is the creative talent behind Ballerina Art and a native Washingtonian born in the US. His background in art includes an education in Fine Arts and a double major in Physics at the American University, Washington, DC. He has over 20 years of experience in Multimedia Production including Graphics Design, Desktop Publishing, Web Development, 3D Modeling, Audio/Video Editing, TV Broadcast Graphics Design and Animation.

Artist’s Statements:

It is my goal to offer art lovers and interior decorators a broad range of artistic concepts in print that are suitable for interior design and personal enjoyment.