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Individual artists....
Name of Artist Country Artist's Website Artist's Work (photo)
Damian Osborne Fine Artist South Africa
Painting and drawing began from an early age. If I wasn't eating my crayons, then I was indefatigably drawing on absolutely everything: my dinky cars, the walls and the furniture.
Perfectionism became an early trait as my mother tried to restrain my wild artistic expressionism by teaching me to draw within the lines of my colouring books. I was always fascinated with controlled and realistic art therefore.
For some reason, as a child, I could spend hours of my time absorbed in drawing and copying birds. Perhaps it was their 'otherworldliness' that fascinated me, their details, or just the sheer number of species that I was discovering. I've always been entranced by animals and plants and the beauty of natural landscapes.

I love the versatility of oil paints; the thick buttery oiliness and the thin, controlled glazes that can be achieved. There is something also so seductive about interesting colour juxtapositions and 'lost and found' lines gleaned from impressionistic influences.
The textural and tonal subtleties and power of monochromatic charcoal drawings completely mystifies and pleasures me. Basic tools like a pen or piece of charcoal fascinate me because here the artist has no safety net, and their personality is as readable in a few simple lines and shadowing as his/her handwriting.


Solo exhibition - Alive Cafe, Muizenberg, Cape Town
September 2014
Solo exhibition - St Marks Church, District Six, Cape Town
June 2009
Solo exhibition - Groot Constantia, Rossouw Gallery, Cape Town
December 2008
Solo exhibtions at the Nassau Hall, Groote Schuur,Cape Town 2007 and 2008
Gallery 909,Waterfront, Cape Town
Bob Callender United States Oil and Gas Fine Art
Bob Callender is an artist from Midland, Texas who grew up around the oil and gas industry. So it's no coincidence that as he got older, he became fascinated with the artistry of the industry through the lens of his camera. Bob Callender's photography has also been featured in magazines like Oil and Gas Monthly.
Boomants Russia Oil paint, Boomants
Boomants was born in 1967 in Nagorno-Karabakh, Stepanakert. Studied 1982-86 in Art School named after P.Terlemezyan, Yerevan. 1989-94 in Yerevan Fine Arts and Theatre Institute.

Boomants is a Artist as well as a sculptor, who has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions worldwide and has won international acclaim from both art professionals and enthusiasts. Boomants' work has a uniquely identifiable style and technique. In his paintings, Boomants plays with form, light and layers of paint to hive his paintings an appearance of ornamental mosaic on canvas.
Portrait Artist
Nair Morna was born in Funchal, The Archipelago of Madeira, Portugal in 1977, where she resided there with her husband and son until mid January 2013. She moved to Carlisle, England. She grew up in the middle of an artistic family, surrounded by art and music. Studied arts at the secondary school in the 90s, leaving school with year 12 unfinished. She took a short course of Painting at the University of Madeira in 2008, no degree given.

Since the beginning her main interest is realism and portrait. "You take away the speech, the voice, the noise of a human being and you are left with their humanity, their soul, their fragility, their doubts, their happiness, their presence... This is why I love portraits".

She showed her work in several exhibitions and participated in several art events throughout The Archipelago of Madeira.

She taught workshops in illustration and sketching in the U.K.

She is a member of Urban Sketchers Portugal - Madeira.

She is an ex-member of C.A.B.A.S. (Carlisle and Border Art Society)
sabrina del freo Italy Painting from photo and pencil drawing portrait from photo, artist Sabrina Del Freo
Portraitist Sabrina Del Freo
Christine Parsons Australia Art Biweb, Fine Art by Christine Parsons
Christine Parsons was born in Tasmania, Australia.
She has dedicated a large part of her life to fine art and created many piece of fine art over the years.
Chris has a university degree in fine art.
To learn more about Chris and her achievements visit
Anne D'Alton France Artiste-Painter
I am an artist painter living and working in Brittany, W.France. My specialist ares is motoring art, but I work is most other subjects too. I work in most mediums and am available for commissions and for teaching art. At three I started drawing and painting and took professional qualifications at the NCAD in Dublin. I taught Int. Design & Art for many years before moving to France. My hobbies include motor sport, gardening and playing the piano. I am a keen reader also. I hope you enjoy my work and welcome all enquiries.
Anne D'Alton France Artiste-Painter
Good day and let introduce myself to you. I am an Artist-Painter, living in Brittany. W. France. I have been an artist since the age of three years enjoy this career very much. I work from my Art Studio in Brittany where I also hold regular art classes. My preferred subject is motoring art, but, as you can see from my web-site I enjoy drawing and painting a wide range of subjects in many mediums. Commissions are accepted ranging from greeting cards to large murals and if you have any queries about my work, please contact me. Thank you for reading this and I hope you enjoy my site and my blogs.
Nicole Alger United States Nicole Alger Website
Nicole Alger is a classically trained realist painter in New York City. She finds inspiration in Degas, Klimt, and other European masters, as well as her own life.
JOSE LUIS QUINONES United States Take a quick tour of Jose Luis Quinones exciting website!
Jose Luis Quinones is an American artist creating oil paintings on canvas that are shaped to the objects only. He eliminates the background to produce a unique style of his own. Quinones is a Photo Realist that blends the Pop Art style and fuses it together to generate a dynamic two dimensional surface into a three dimensional illusion.

Jose Luis Quinones was born in Yauco, Puerto Rico in 1949. Quinones attended Cooper School of Art and The Cleveland Institute of Art, Cleveland, Ohio. He has been exhibiting his art for over forty years in many locations throughout the United States and also abroad. Quinones’ paintings were originally based on a series of objects from his father’s small grocery store.

Like Rosenquist, Quinones had painted mural size billboards for an outdoor media company for many years. Constantly painting on such a large scale had influenced the size of his artwork which he found was an important factor on the impact to the viewer. Quinones made realistic paintings developing the contour of the object with canvas over an unusually designed wood construction. Through the years he tried a variety of ideas to see if he could capture the object and give the audience a unique experience on a very large scale. Quinones found that everyday items were in need of a closer look and has been painting his shaped realistic artwork professionally ever since.
Starr United States
No Picture
It's terrific to be a member of "ArtistInOils, a really prominent great ArtistinOils. I have always admired the quality of the art in this fine online gallery. I'm a young 30 something who has been painting in oils since a teenager in California. I'm an expressionist. I have 144 pictures up on my online gallery: " For stills, click-enlarge or use slideshow for convenience. Paypal handles all sizing and ordering and shipping issues.
It's great to be a member of ArtistInOils. Starr, the artist.
Sam Stenning United Kingdom Sam Stenning
No Picture
Sam Stenning is a self employed freelance designer, illustrator and artist who studied and gained his degree in Fine Art from Plymouth University. Since then he has worked hard on his creative career producing designs, illustrations and artwork for a variety of clients and exhibitions. He is now based in Nempnett Thrubwell, a collection of farms in Somerset, central to Bath, Bristol and Weston Super Mare.
Armando R. Freger Mexico Armando R. Freger official site
Nace en la ciudad de México en 1970 – Reside actualmente en la ciudad de Oaxaca
Estudio Diseño de la Comunicación Gráfica en la UAM de Azcapotzalco (1987-1992) siendo discípulo de Félix Beltrán, Maris Bustamante y Rubén Valencia entre otros artistas.

En 1993 inicia “Granja Elástica”, taller de desempeño visual y táctil, desde diseño gráfico, maquillaje de caracterización y utilería plástica para particulares, teatro, cine y TV (Feria de Chapultepec mágico, Profeco, etc.).

Funda Ishuakara Galería en octubre del 2003 impartiendo talleres de pintura, dibujo, papel mache, repujado en metal, encuadernación, escultura de madera, esculturas de resina, cerámica, collage, etc.

Realiza la pintura mural del interior de la Iglesia de San Ildefonso Villa Alta (febrero – octubre, 2003), la Capilla de la Asunción en Ixtlán de Juárez (2004)y el mural para la iglesia de San Juan Tamazola en el 2013.

Realiza obra trompe-l’oeil en los Cabos, Baja California Sur en colaboración con la artista Xochitl Rivera de 2007 a 2009 impartiendo talleres en comunidades como Los Barriles, Todos Santos y San Antonio. En 2010 se añade al movimiento Poscorrientista que nace en Oaxaca.

Actualmente junto a Yari Montes, María Luisa Santos Cuellar, Giovanni Rios Castro y Rodrigo León, Armando R. Freger maneja el estudio Ishuakara donde además de los talleres mencionados se proyectan peliculas cada semana, se realizan exposiciones individuales tanto como colectivas exhibiendo la obra de artistas de Oaxaca y del extranjero.

Maneja diferentes tecnicas artisticas: pintura, dibujo, papel mache, repujado en metal, encuadernación, escultura de madera, esculturas de resina, cerámica, collage, etc..
Amar Singha India Artist Amar Singha
Amar Singha was born in West Bengal of India in 1978. He obtained his degree in fine art from a well known institute named Academy of Creative Art. He has been working in the field of painting since 1999. After obtaining his degree he decided to work as a self employed artist.
He gained the experiences of judging in Govt. level in India, and in few private art organizations.
He has won an international spacial recognition award from LST gallery of America and honorable mention award from IVAC New York. He invited as a gallery artist of Artists-info gallery of London.
Amar singha also a featured artist of Artists-info gallery and ArtPromotivate.
Cornelia Rijkaart van Cappellen Italy Cornelia Rijkaart van Cappellen is a Dutch fine art painter. Her work reveals a personal and contemporary expression of beauty while paying homage to the Classical tradition of craftsmanship. Cornelia works from Italy.
Cornelia Rijkaart van Cappellen (1973) is a Dutch fine art painter. She acquired a strong foundational education in art in Florence (Italy) while being trained in the old masters techniques. The resulting work reveals a personal and contemporary expression of beauty while paying homage to the Classical tradition of craftsmanship. Cornelia works from Italy but accepts portrait commissions from all over Europe.
Karan Mladen Italy Mladen Karan is a serbian painter arrived in Tuscany, and in his work the earth and the sky of these places are the object of contemplation transfiguring. Karan reads the nature to learn to master the material.
He was born on 1951 in Velika Žuljevica, which belong to Novi Grad's municipality (ex.Bosanski Novi).
He finished high school in Novi Grad. From 1970 to 1973 he was studding philosophy and sociology on Zagreb 's university. After short stay in Milano he started to study painting on Academy of visual arts in Zagreb on 1997, where graduated in class of professor Vasilije Jordan on 1982.

The modern human resides in the essential shape of a man, and painter Karan, not hiding his feeling towards the world he lives in, does not hide nowadays’ belittled compassion, and that is why he contests with the history which ails him. And he contests at a place where history gathers its burden and its power, tragic and triumph, but also indifference.
The capability to feel and create the universal out of local, took him in a labyrinth in which the matters and moods can be sought.
Since he specifically named the paintings, he sets them up in an exceptionally utilized contest. The irony and criticism, even the condemnation that he appended to them, are the artist’s utterance which he condemns. Staying totally in the domain of visual arts, his outcry, condemnation, and warning, do not transform to a political leaflet.
The place, time and people are the three coordinates which define the artistic happening, and so Karan – by choosing Prijedor and not, let’s say, Milan, as a place where he presents his Labyrinth – undoubtedly grinds the blade of his critical stance. The Labyrinth in which the Minotaur already created a “jumble” and left him is a territory where the painter literally situates his work, and then – invites the audience to join him and recognize the evil which surrounds us all. More precisely, in which we reside even if we are not there where Karan located the Labyrinth.
Claude Mouton France
Site web de l'artiste peintre français, Claude Mouton.
Heather Lee Grieb United States Lucky H ARt
No Picture
Those special people who have been privileged to feel the magic of being friends with a horse will understand that you want to carry that mystical feeling with you at all times. Non-horse people don’t
understand why our homes and even cars are decorated with the image of the horse. For most, it’s simple we want to be reminded of that horse magic at all times.

As an artist, Heather is obsessed with painting horses. It started
with painting her quarter horse on her purse because, she wanted to keep him next to her even in normal every day life. Then painting a jacket for a friend as a gift...

This was the beginning of Lucky H Art. Lucky because any girl is
extremely lucky if she has a horse. H due to that’s what many call her. Since then, Heather has painted and sold over 200 purses, wallets, jackets, wall art, boots and other leather goods.

Heather’s artist career true highlight was having a custom order
canvas at the supreme court offices and then having the client create her Christmas cards with the image of the canvas. Lucky H Art creations have been sent as far as Israel and carried in a boutique in Canada.

Each piece is one of a kind art work and can never be duplicated (even by the artist). Heather uses specially designed paints for painting on leather and special leather sealers to ensure each art piece stands up to a cowgirls life.
Leonard Rdau Thailand Leonard Radu self-taught artist - artworks - painting on order
Leonard Radu, self-taught artist of Romanian origin specializes in figurative painting, surrealist painting and painting on order, portraits, nudes, landscapes, surreal paintings
Dorothy Gauvin Australia oil paintings of Australian horsemen in limited edition art prints
Dorothy Gauvin is an Australian artist,passionate about Story. A 'big-canvas painter' she tells the story of the pioneers who came to Australia and built a modern nation.Current project is nearing completion - a series on Waltzing Matilda.
Gauvin paintings illustrate four hardcover books and nine are produced as fine art prints. On her Oz-Writer blog the artist and now-retired gallery director gives tips for professional artists, beginners and collectors.