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Andrew Cain United States ANDREWCAINART
My art deals with people. Expressionist, emotional, colorful. I use figures and various mark making to explain situations, moods, and explainations of everyday life.
I graduated with my BFA from Queensland College of Art, in Brisbane, QLD Austrlaia. I have moved back to my home town in Modesto, Ca where I actively practice art, and stay involved in community art as well as progressing twords teaching in the arts.I love art, what it can achieve, how people perseve it, and how everyones art is som much different than the others.
RG Venezuela Giambattista Russo - Surrealism art - Fine artist
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GS Art United Kingdom Art work and photography by Gina Shergold, based on land and sea-scapes of her local area of Portsmouth, Hampshire.
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Ronald D. Isom United States Isom symbolic art
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I am a retired high school art instructor. I taught art for 33 years at Belleville East High School in Belleville, Illinois.

My art work is personal iconography. The imagery has been developed over fifty years. My vocabulary of icons enables me to generate hundreds of images without conscious effort. The ideas flow on the paper much like automatic writing. I generate the images in in sets of 10 to 20 and have produced several series of 100 or more. Many of my original works are photographed and the images are manipulated with Adobe illustrator, Photoshop or Corel Paint.
Renso Castaneda Peru Renso Castaneda
- born in Lima Peru in 1970- Graduateded of the National School autonomous superior of Beautiful Arts of peru in the specialty of Painting of 1989-95

-Obtained in 1993 the First Honorable Mention in Drawing in the promotion called Venancio Shinki -

-Conversatorio: The naked one in the Contemporary Painting in the National School of Fine Arts Rafael Rodriguez Padilla, Guatemala C.A.

-1996- Painting, Sculpture and Engraving, Museum of Modern Art, Quito, Equator

- International Auction Reconstruction 2000, Museum of Contemporary Art Sofía Imber, Caracas, Venezuela 1999

-2002- Peruvian Painters, National Historic Museum Sao Paulo, Brazil

-2004 counts with a painting in the permanent collection of the MoLAA (Museum of Latin-American Art of los Angeles, California- USA)


2007 - Recent Works, The Art Gallery Pintadera, San Juan, Puerto Rico

2006 - National Meeting of Unesco And Art Gallery Sebelen Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

2006 - Transitando Absences, Tamara Gallery, San Juan Puerto Rico

2004- Appearances, Tamara Gallery, San Juan, Puerto Rico

2004- Appearances, Museum of the Americas, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

2003- Evading memories, O&Y Gallery, Coral Gables –Florida, USA

2003- Covered with Skin, Tamara Gallery, San Juan, Puerto Rico

2001- Perpetual Fragments, Tamara Gallery, San Juan, Puerto Rico

2001-Instants, Praxis International Gallery Art, Lima, Peru

2000- Structure of Senses, Tamara Gallery, San Juan, Puerto Rico

1999- Expecting Illusions, Praxis International Art Gallery, Lima, Peru

1999- Remembranzas Guatemalan Institute of Hispanic Culture,Guatemala, C.A.

1999- Discovering Secrets, Cultural Center The Coves, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

1999- Of Inside toward was, Praxis International Art Gallery, Lima, Peru

1998- Without Wrappings, Cultural Center Ricardo Palma, Lima, Peru

1996- Oils, Gallery of the American Peruvian Institute, Lima, Peru
Whimsical Artist Scott Plaster United States Whimsical Artist Scott Plaster
NC Whimsical artist Scott Plaster's line of Whimsical Animals has been featured in the newspapers and magazines and is available for sale in art galleries, boutiques, and shops around the NC Triad region, and from the Mountains of North Carolina all the way to the Coast. He is quickly becoming one of the most well-known NC Artists in the NC Triad
Karie-Ann Cooper United Kingdom Unique and custom pet portraits and animal portraits by pet portrait artist Karie-Ann Cooper
I have not been producing pet portraits for long but demand has been wonderful and I would like to continue
Ujwala Prabhu India Maya - art and illusions
Daniel Partielle France
Daniel Partielle is an independend artist and creates graphic art with mixed techniques (only free work). See for more info his website.
Andrey Soldatenko United States Andrey Soldatenko - Fine Art Prints and Originals
No Picture
Member of International Association of Art. From 1997 I took part in Regional, National,
international exhibitions.
I do not follow one particular style. For me, different styles are only the tools to create art images. The range of my interests include realistic landscapes and still nature ('Rural House, Bulgaria', 'Summer Reminiscences'), pictures in impressionistic manner ('The Alley'), decorative compositions (triptych 'Watering Place'), abstract and analytical compositions ('Flowers'), symbolic artworks 'Landscape with a Lake').
In my avant-garde compositions I 'decompose' the world into its components and then, like out of mosaic, put it back together again. Though the houses are still houses, and trees are trees, the world looks different. This approach gives an opportunity to accentuate attention on different moments of life, look at the world from a different point. The impressions of the real world, such as coolness, heat, sunshine or a reminiscence of some familiar places are irrelevant here. I render my insight of the world, I look through the objects. Such things as perspective, horizon line, correlation between the size of the objects are not important for the insight. This approach allows to show the nature of the connections between the objects of this world. None of the objects depicted in these artworks is a particular object of the existing world, nor does it exist in the real world. I paint the ideas about objects, notions of objects. It is the symbolic meaning of the depicted objects that comes forward; their role is to evoke certain subconscious reactions and feelings (different in different people).
I like to paint picturesque locations, and at the same time find symbolic implications in acts of nature and in life of people. In any case, the
application of various styles gives a lot of freedom in work. My works can be found in private collections in Russia, France, Germany, the USA, and other countries.
Judy Kalin United States - Mixed Media Artist, Sumi and Collage
Fine Art Gallery featuring Mixed Media Artist Judy Kalin. Original Oils, Watercolors, Acrylics, and Mixed Media available for your viewing and purchase.
Alda Bikindou South Africa African Scenes
Alda Bikindou (1978- ) came from Congo and settled in Cape Town South Africa 2000.
She and her artist husband and little daughter fled the war-torn Republic of Congo six months earlier in a desperate search for a safer place to raise their young family.
When war broke out in Congo Alda’s plan to pursue a formal training in visual arts was totally squashed. However, while growing up as a youngster, she used to spend hours watching a group of local artists painting and creating handcrafted items under a tree in front of her home. When she was 18 years old, she summoned the courage to approach them and asked to be taught how to paint. The kind artists obliged. From the moment she began those few initial attempts at painting on a canvas, it was as if the floodgates of her creative juices burst at its seams.
Her works predominantly depict African scenes, African people and their way of life. She is a prolific artist who sold hundreds and hundreds of paintings both locally and overseas. She and her family comfortably live off the proceeds from her paintings and other hand-crafted artworks.
Arkady Zrazhevsky Russia A. Zrazhevsky. Oil Paiting. Realistic Landscapes and Still-lifes
I was born in 1962 in the city of Kazan, but grew up in Krasnoarmeysk, in the Moscow region. I graduated from Moscow State University of culture and arts (1988). Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia (1993), member of the International Art Fund (2002). Exhibits of my work have been shown since 1988 throughout many parts of Russia. My paintings are in private and corporate art collections in 15 countries on four continents.
Wendy McArthur Fine Art United States
Wendy Petersen McArthur is an accomplished artist with over 200 works in private and corporate collections throughout the country. She is a third generation artist from Clearwater, Florida, where her love of the coastal atmosphere was instilled at an early age. Her grandmother, a landscape artist, inspired McArthur’s early training as an eight-year-old at the local Gulf Coast Arts Center.

McArthur graduated with an interior design degree from Winthrop University in Rock hill S.C. After a brief stint in the design world, she began a freelance art career that spanned several genres over two decades, including the past fifteen years as a successful portrait artist. Among her many commissions, her portrait of Robert B. McGehee a former CEO for Progress Energy in Raleigh, N.C. is hung alongside others that were created by famous painters, such as Everett Kinstler and Daniel Green.

In 2001, McArthur, with her sister-in-law Margaret Herman, founded the “9-11 Portrait Project”, in which artists across the country volunteered to create portraits of fallen fire fighters, in honor and remembrance, for loved ones left behind.

McArthur’s enduring love of the complex subtleties of color, developed and expressed in her portraiture collection, has translated effortlessly to her newest passion for coastal scenes. Her affinity for the costal subject matter is revealed by a seasoned command of her media. Confident, energetic brush strokes transport viewers into a universal “world” of sea-related memory.

She describes the coastal theme as a sort of rebirth, bringing her depth and command of color home to the beloved subject matter of her youth.
Mark Vasquez United States Mark Vasquez Gallery
Hello my art lovers im hear promoting my classic auto illustrations all airbrush non computer art,i been airbrushing since grade school,You may have seen my work on cd covers and auto promotion.And t.shirts and just keeping it alive art is my life.
mullerjeanfrancois United States
I am an artist ( painter) from haiti. Currently my work is shown only on the internet . If you are interested in custom made small paintings please take a look at contact me for further information! My website is my email [email protected]
Stephen Diggin Ireland
The natural beauty of the Inishowen Peninsula in Co.Donegal is where I get most of the inspiration for my land/seascapes. I work mainly in oils and quite often use the palette knife.
As well as Land/seascapes my portfolio also includes still-life, portraits both traditional and contemporary and an imaginative depiction of animals.
My work has made it's way to many countries over the years and I am always humbled to think that good people like yourself like my work enough to not only buy it but to hang it in your homes.
Alexander Kanevsky United States Alexander Kanevsky City Hall Art Exhibition
Doctor Alexander Kanevsky is an example of the dedication and passion that sets one apart from the crowd. Known around the world as a man of talent and genius, he has accomplished more in his time than most will accomplish in their entire lives. Born near Moscow, he is currently a resident of the United States. He has numerous degrees in several fields of medicine, including Chinese Medicine, Tibetan Medicine,surgery, psychiatry ,psychoanalysis and even Oncology. While that might be enough for most people to fulfill their destiny, that is just the beginning for this man. He is also an awarded artist and writer, earning him the nickname “Super Renaissance Man”.
Roberta Morgan United States Roberta Morgan, original fine art
The paintings of Roberta Morgan have been exhibited in museums and galleries throughout the United States and abroad, including the Ormond Beach Art Museum and Gardens in Ormond Beach, Florida; the George Walter Vincent Smith Art Museum in Springfield Massachusetts; the Fine Arts Gallery and Museum of Florida State University in Tallahassee; the Westbeth Gallery in New York City; Art Forms in Red Bank, New Jersey; Cudahy=s Gallery in Richmond, Virginia; the Sloane Jordan Gallery in Austin, Texas; Galerie Lumière in Savannah, Georgia; Studio Gallery in Washington, D.C.; the Lalit Kala Akademi in New Delhi, India; and Art Addiction in Stockholm, Sweden.
Grant Crawford Canada Sculpture, Oils, Watercolors, Drawings
I like all of the fine arts and especially sculpture. Oils and watercolors are especially enjoyable and drawings are where everything begins.
I think you can never reach the end of your education in this discipline. But that is the essence of it's charm. It remains constantly ahead of your grasp, allowing you the joys of forever being the student.