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Akash Kumar Gupta India this site explores my micro art creations
I ,Akash Kumar Gupta,a 23 year old undergraduate student from India specialises in micro art-a genre of painting on rice,pulse etc.I have received a letter of encouragement from Guinness world records for my distinction of writing 12584 english letters on a single rice grain.My art works have been exhibited all over India and my works have been duly appreciated by Consul Generals of U.S.A,Russia,Japan,Bangladesh etc.Besides winning several awards,my rare achievements include the making of the world's smallest "Geeta" on a ladies' wrist watch,the world's smallest "Ramayana" on a finger ring and the world's smallest set of zodiac cards(each being of the size-2*3 mms)
Tesh Parekh United States Wedding Painter
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Tesh is an award winning live event artist. Tesh is a wedding painter and event painter, available for your commissions world wide. Tesh also accepts studio commissions for wedding paintings, event painting and portraits.
Zeana Romanovna United States Romanovna Fine Art
Mixed Media Artist - Traditional and Digital

As a little girl all I ever wanted to do was color our world the way I saw it in my head. My grandmother told me I collected colored pencils by the dozens with no apparent reason for doing so.

Later I studied Fine Art privately in UK where I was born, and after moving to Australia I kept up those studies until I gained a teaching position within the education system. After a term of approximately 6 years I had taught several students from being totally unable to paint and draw to selling their own works. I carried on into the realms of teaching adult students and was finally awarded a medal of Australia for services to the Arts.

My own art has changed greatly and is ever evolving as I mature. I paint traditionally and digitally and have a different respect for both mediums. I also have a great love for textures and mixing mediums, but with whatever I do, I always do from my heart.

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Manny Gamonez Philippines
Emmanuel Gamonez, Hi call me Manny. I'm a Marine Engineer, Musician, Palette knife Artist, Life Coach and Christian Missionary. I learned to paint in Romania. I attended private tutorial classes as well with professional palette knife painters. Presently I'm in my home country Philippines, serving my fellow country men. My wife is Swiss, we have a 14 year old son and we do all our best to serve the people giving them the message of the Love of God. I believe if God gives you the gift, share it with the world. The profit you gain, Invest it to help others. An investment that gains eternal rewards.
Helen Viola Glendinning - Cottage Cupboard Gallery United States Visit artist's website:
The Cottage Cupboard Gallery is located on the coast of Maine near the towns of Damariscotta, Rockland, Rockport, Camden, Boothbay and Wiscassett. The Gallery features work by artist Helen Viola Glendinning who specializes in oil paintings of seascapes and landscapes, as well as Norwegian rosemaling. Visitors welcomed year round - hours are seasonal - please visit our website for contact information
Vincenzo Balsamo Italy Contemporary Italian Artist, fine art works gallery from figurative period (landscapes, still life, portraits), cubism, informal matter, surrealism, to lyrical abstraction, oil on canvas, watercolours, limited editions, interviews, links, and more.
Vincenzo Balsamo was born in Brindisi, in 1935, he lived in Rome, Paris, Verona and now he lives in Corchiano near Rome. He exhibited several times in national and international fairs, galleries and museums, since Figurative works of the fifties and sixties, over the seventies with the periods of the First Abstraction,the "Decomposition" informal, of matter work; to the "Nebulas" where the sign prevails on colour; to the "Evocations" of surreal calls; to the Second Abstraction (Return to the painting), of the first eighties that closes the "Analysis and experimentation" period. Since 1987 began the "Lyric abstraction", the sign , the colour, and the light are made up among them as if they would peer into the human "I".
Sign, light and colour are the elements that Vincenzo Balsamo uses to play his expressive game. It is an operation that the artist performs under the sign of grace and lightness, letting the images come out as if from a dream, “the place where the lines of geometry and imagination live together”. The sign outlines the forms, the colour connotes the emotional field, the light dematerialises the vision which only apparently
appears unobjective.
In his paintings it seems as if the line seeks to capture essential moments in history of art through the forms given to signs that recall Kandinsky, Mirò, Klee, or even the Russian forerunners of the early twentieth century. But this does not mean imitation. It is simly a sort of "mnemo-bait" meant to capture the observer's
noetic - that is intellective - eye, inducing him to pose questions; in other words to start mobilizing his thoughts and curiosity, to activate his mind. This happens because, above all, Balsamo's pictorial act is an act of the essential moments of history of art.
Jason nelson Canada Fine art sculpture carved in marble, alabaster, soapstone and many other semi-precious gemstones.
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Jason was born and raised in Sault Ste. Marie, ON. His talent and passion for art surfaced during childhood and has continued
to grow throughout his life. He began selling his paintings and accepting commissions in 1990, at age 16. His first public art
project was commissioned by the city of Sault Ste Marie in 1992. After high-school, in 1994 and 95 he studied fine art at
Sheridan College and at Windsor University.

In 1997, pursuit of adventure lured him to Victoria, B.C. It was on the west coast that he discovered his talent for sculpting
stone, his love of the ocean and his interest in marine life. However, in 2000, his strong Northern Ontario roots pulled him to
Thunder Bay, where he currently resides with his wife Cathy and two young boys, Jordan and Troy.

In 2000 Jason began a series of commissioned sculptures for the Thunder Bay Agate Mine. However, he needed to earn
more money, to support his growing family. So, Jason began working in Forestry. For seven years he laboured in the Great
North Woods, planting and thinning trees. This grueling job left little time or energy to devote to his artwork.

By 2007, the forestry industry in North Western Ontario was in decline. Jason found himself having to travel further afield to
find work. So, he decided to retire from forestry. He hung up his saw, so that he could spend more time at home with his
family. It was at this point that he intensified his efforts to reach his goal of becoming a professional sculptor.

The Stone Sculptor's artwork can now be found in private collections, businesses, galleries and public places all over Canada,
and the United States.
David Douglas United States
I live in the Adirondack mountains of upstate NY, in the US. I produce artwork inspired by life in the Adirondacks and the great north woods. Major influences are; Monet, Hopper, Homer & Magritte.
Ella Charette Canada Fine Artwork of Ella Charette
Ella Charette is a finely cultivated Russian artist now living in Canada. Ella’s sense of dedication, style and colour are self-evident in her work and her life. She is an artist who creates because her art and its expression is the very fibre of her soul.

The imagery that Ella brings to life on the canvas is from the images that she collects, composes and manufactures in her mind. The world around her is the source of her inspiration. New experiences, the colors and forms she sees in daily life begin to be part of her compositions. Ideas strike her in fleeting moments and she builds from that point.

Her mind is always working and exploring she is driven by a need to create and to express. Ella does not limit her work to one genre or one type of media; she is always exploring and working with new types of media and ideas.

To Ella, art is truly life. Ella is always an outwardly cheerful person, maybe art has a lot to do with this. She maintains a positive outlook on life and affects others around her. Her soul matches her art, perhaps this is why so many people are drawn to Ella's work.
Søren Dehlbæk Denmark Watercolor gallery
The Watercolor Gallery by Søren Dehlbæk

Søren Dehlbæk is educated at
the Royal Danish Academy of
Fine Arts, class of 1984. As
an architect he has a special
interest in the architectural way
of using the watercolor
On many a trip around Europe,
the brush and sketch pad has
recorded buildings and
landscapes. By studies of life
drawings and portraits Søren
Dehlbæk has develop his
technical skills and he is today
a skilful watercolor artist.
Elizabeth United States Fine artist personal page
My name is Elizabeth, I am 23 years old with a Bachelor of Arts in English. I am a self-taught painter, and my Artwork has recently become more than a hobby, its a passion, and personal commitment.
Oil paintings by John Cocoris
Dock Ulysses Reese III United States [email protected]
No Picture
Dock Reese was born in Temple Texas. At a young age he exhibited an exceptional ability for art and was enrolled in private art classes.

When his family moved to West Virginia his study of art continued. While in high school the art teachers noticed that his skills were far above the high school level. They arranged for him to have exhibits on college campuses. By the time he entered college Mr. Reese excelled in several different genres of art including; abstract, surrealism, cubism, realism, and sculpting.

Now living in Arizona Mr. Reese exhibits his art in local galleries. His art has been described as eye catching and distinctive. He continues to grow and mature in his art work.
Novik Olesya Ukraine
1. Name: Novik Olesya.
2. Date of birthday: 06.02.1979.
3. Place of leaving: Ukraine, Chernigov
4. e-mail: [email protected]
5. web-site:
6. style of work: surrealism, fantasy, portrait.
7. Information: Start to paint at 2003, visited Chernigover Art School for 1,5 years, take part in the exhibition of New Painters in Chernigover Plast Art Gallery at 2005.
Vieville France Abstract artist painter
The site of Jean-Pierre Vieville offers a presentation of his work. Contemporary abstract painter. Painter of lyrical abstraction, it is curious aesthetic emotions, it extracts its emotional substance.
Andi Lucas United Kingdom Andi Lucas Contemporary Impressionist Artist
Andi Lucas has been ainting in oils in the Impressionist style for over 20 years. She exhibits in France and England and a wide selection of work from still life to landscapes is available for sale worldwide at
Rain Ririn Indonesia Eastern and western influenced folk art that combines both contemporary and traditional inspirations
Hello everyone,

My name is Rain Ririn. I currently live in both the USA and South East Asia. These two different cultures have had a great influence on my art.

I am a self-taught artist who loves creating. I have been creating different types of art for most of my life but realized that painting and making dolls made me happier. It brings a whole different world to light for me and I feel it gives me more creative freedom. I decided to put all my energies, thoughts and focus into these passions. I paint with my soul and each of my paintings is a reflection of my inner-most personality. The people that know me best say my inner personality is funny and somewhat fanciful. Perhaps because I like to paint and make dolls that bring out my childish side.

My style of art would be considered folk art but with more detail and also with my own style. I have been experimenting with different styles lately bringing me great satisfaction. I love folk art because it is a way for me to connect older traditions with the present.

My paintings are collected both locally and worldwide. I currently offer my original paintings online as well as in some notable galleries.

I hope that you find my work enjoyable. Thank you for stopping by and I hope my art inspires your own imagination.
Em Kotoul United States Em's Virtual Art Gallery
Artist living in Malibu CA
Olga Oreshyna Canada Wooden blocks panels
My name is Olga Oreshyna and I would like to introduce myself as a Canadian emerging Artist who is deeply passionate about woodworking.

The source of my inspiration comes from abandoned pieces of wood. In my imagination I give them a second chance of the life.

All wood for my works were already used before. I hope this is my small contribution to green building. Rather than cutting down trees to get the needed material, reusing wood is just as good if not better. This is my way of making a difference, at the same time I’m sharing a positive message on how we can recycle and reuse in creative ways.

My artworks reflect my contribution to make our fragile environment more healthy and beautiful.
So much plastic, metal, concrete surround us in our everyday life.
Creating these amazing wooden structures I feel huge energy coming over my hands.
Khalda Hamouda Egypt Realism Art Gallery - Original Oil Paintings By Khalda Hamouda
Realism oil paintings art gallery online by realist egyptian oil painter artist Khalda Hamouda. Included are modern and contemporary oil paintings on canvas stretched on board of original portraits, landscape, floral and expressionism oil paintings.