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Individual artists....
Name of Artist Country Artist's Website Artist's Work (photo)
Ron Labryzz Slovakia Live Original Painting
No Picture
The abstract paintings on canvas, inspired by the creation of life, designed for the ones who seek deeper insight and inspiration.
Eurico Haan Brazil Wodpress
Eurico Haan - 51 years old, paints abstract geometric watercolors , studying application and color combinations based on great masters the Bauhaus School - Germany , was born in Gravataí - RS - Brazil , currently resides in Uberlândia - MG - Brasil.

Differential in his paintings is the exclusive use of Gouache paint on card or on canvas , using only the basic colors and producing secondary and tertiary colors by overlapping layers , a method that does not allow mistakes in the process of production of the works.

In addition to pictures of his own , it also makes rereading of the great masters of abstract art and accepts orders
Christine Greyson United States Christine Greyson
Oil on canvas, 2012 Christine Greyson
David Krysko Canada David Krysko's Portfolio
Beautiful Painting and Drawings Classically Done

Classically Trained Fine Artist producing Masterful and Gorgeous Portraits, Figures and Landscapes in Oil, Watercolour, Pencil and Pastel.

David Krysko is a talented Artist and Painter who creates masterful paintings in the classical style. Years of painting and drawing experience is represented in each of his beautiful portraits, figure drawings and landscapes.

"An image speaks a thousand words. Please review my portfolio and let that show how I can create a masterpiece for you." - Dave

Currently he is working on several portraits and a series of paintings set in Cairo, Egypt. Check out his portfolio because he is open to more commissions at this time.
Nathan Forst Canada Nathan Forst
No Picture
Nathan Forst is a landscape artist and poet based in B.C., Canada. He specializes in digital and environmental art. Please contact Nathan for information regarding prints.
Nicolas ROGER France artist Nicolas Roger
Nicolas Roger was born in 1977 in France in the Marne to quickly follow his parents in Auvergne. He lives, works in his studio and workshop in Clermont-Ferrand.

The water serves him as a brush or knife serves painter. The deformations of a tortured reflection in order to confront what we see with reality. Use a concrete reality, the testimonial character of photography to deform naturally and emerge as a new vision.

For Unconscious Unfold, an abstract acrylic painting begin the work, re-painted by parts to simulate the build of our conscience.

The studio photographs call for long and complex installations to capture the reflections that are delivered but his approach is to create with reality, what we have before without cheating nor artifice.
Marin Eve United States
Marin Eve's works of art and interest include original works of art, fine art, portraiture, oil painting, surreal, modern fine art, mixed media, neoclassical and painting likelikfe realism.
Brenton Lee United States Various works by artist Brenton Lee.
Brenton Lee works in oils, acrylics, and dry media primarily depicting portraits and figures in a more abstracted manner.
Camil Bofill Spain Camil Bofill painter and sculptor
He studied at Facultat de Belles Arts de Barcelona and attended to classes by the sculptress Rosa Martínez Brau.
He painted the altarpieces of Santa Maria de Borredà and the altarpieces of Torelló's Church.

He exhibited his paintings in Barcelona, Madrid, Girona, Bilbao and Portugal.
Barbara Scrivener United Kingdom Barbara Scrivener - Artist
No Picture
I am a self­-taught artist inspired by the woods, chalk hills, packhorse ways and ancient earthworks of southern England, where I live. The older, the more eroded and the more inexplicable the place, the more I cherish it. ­I have known and loved my local landscape since childhood.

Nowadays, armed with pencil and pad, I tramp through fields and woods, many, many times over - there is something magical about trying to know a place that is always ephemeral, always
mercurial. That magic never lets you master it entirely, but the joy lies in trying to seize it, whether it be using oil, acrylic or watercolour. Occasionally I am tempted to capture something more exotic from further afield, but always I return to very local scenes, to what I know.
I feel that my work should stand alone, separate from me, ­to be experienced simply as it is. My achievement is for the viewer to share that walk, that journey, that forest glade or that standing stone, in their own special way.
Martin Sierra Uruguay Martin Sierra, plastic artist.
With each work you do, you learn something, and that makes the following will be different yet have the kind of learning the earlier work. I think I'm maturing with each work and when I look past works I see my youngest.
Barbara S. Ryan United States Original oil paintings bt Virginia artist, Barbara S. Ryan
No Picture
Original oil paintings br Virginia artist, Barbara S. Ryan
Howard Lee United States Online Gallery
No Picture
I'm a photographer and digital artist who likes to experiment with photo manipulation and alteration.
I try to turn photos into works of art by this method. Currently I do this mainly as a part-time hobby and passion.
After a master in History of Art, Laureen Topalian finished the Academy of Beaux Arts in Paris. She also studied Persian painting and uses her talent and imagination to illustrate stories and books for French publishers.
Nowadays she likes to share her time between traditional Persian painting and portraits and still life compositions.
Costin Craioveanu Romania Costin Craioveanu is one of Romania’s most recognized contemporary artists, and has sold more paintings than anyone in the country. His buyers include Hollywood film stars, statesmen, ambassadors and businessmen.
His first solo exhibition, Nudes, occurred in 2000 in the foyer of Bucharest’s National Theatre. His next exhibition, Clocks, sold all 40 paintings on display. Many exhibitions later, Costin has become best known for his depictions of famous characters in the world of film, sport, politics and art, yet regularly departs into different experimental styles while retaining his originality and humor.

Today Costin is one of Romania’s most recognized contemporary artists, and has sold more paintings than anyone in the country. His buyers include Hollywood film stars, statesmen, ambassadors and businessmen.
ritratti di animali Italy Dipinti di animali-per portrait
Pet portrait-dipinti e quadri a olio di animali domestici gatti e cani
Ritratti a olio Italy Dipinti a olio su commissione
Ritratti e dipinti a olio
Sabrina del freo Italy Ritratti su commissione a olio della pittrice del freo
Ritrattista pittrice realizza ritratti su commissione da foto
Maya Rodriguez United States artist profile
No Picture
I'm sn artist who uses upcycled materials to create artwork
Suzy Nolan United States Suzy Nolan Fine Art
Creating has always been a cornerstone of Suzy's life. Much of her childhood was spent drawing, reading, and watching Bill Alexander paint on public television, which resulted in teaching herself to oil paint. Celtic and Moroccan design, as well as the art of ancient Egypt, classical Greece and Italian masters Giotto and Michelangelo influenced her at a young age.
Continuing her pursuit of artistic knowledge, Suzy earned a Bachelor's degree in Art from Illinois State University with a concentration in painting.
Suzy Nolan has worked professionally for 15 years satisfying the decorative demands of the automotive, housing and fleet signage industries. Her skill with color and value discernment has been crucial in translating the detailed nuances of colored and textured surfaces––wood grains, metals, stone and camouflage- into commercial applications.
Her style evolved from the representational realism of her youth to a somewhat more abstract aesthetic: manipulating a shallow pictorial space through line, shape and color. She finds many parallels between herself and the aesthetic of the Impressionists and Post-Impressionists, most notably Paul Cezanne.