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Ann E. Atlas United States This is a small taste of some of the work for sale
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Life Fellow Royal Society of Arts

Regent Polytechnic, London, England
Royal Academy of Music, London, England
Art Students League, New York City
University of Rhode Island Workshop
Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts
Studied under Sol Wilson and Lucile Geiser

Westfield Art Association, 1977-1979, Mixed Media Award
First in Graphics, Westfield Art Association
Second in Oils, Westfield Art Association
Board of Directors Award, American Artists Professional League
Honorable Mention, Watercolor, Summit Art Association, 1980
Oil Award, Westfield Art Association, 1982

Private Collections:
IBM Offices, Cranford, NJ
Campbell Soup Co., Office of the President
Royal Manufacturing Co., Allentown, PA
Cities Service, Dallas, TX, Office of the Vice President
Aliza Ben Baruch Israel Aliza, a modern artist with abstract and expressionist features, has been creating art for over 70 years. She graduated way back from the Arnhem Art Academy in Holland, specializing in illustration and graphic arts.
Aliza Ben Baruch, née Alie Evers (1923, Holland) an Arnhem Art Academy graduate('48), specializing in illustrative and graphic arts: etching, lithography, monoprint, collography. She illustrated children's books such as "Barnaby and the horses" by Lydia Pender/ Han G. Hoekstra, as well as the "Biblical Stories for Children", by D.A. Cramer-Schaap. Aliza emigrated to Israel in the 60's. She exhibited on many occasions in Israel and abroad. Her techniques and skills strongly portray the depth of her honesty of expression in the works she creates. Horses form an important theme engaged by Aliza repeatedly in her works. This may be attributed to the recollections she has retained of Dutch landscapes she remembers from the period during her youth in The Netherlands. Another theme is the human female. Here she often portrays her subjects with puzzling or even macabre expressions, but always combined with the suggestion of an affectionate and condoning nuance. A great deal of her inspiration is drawn from music, which she transforms, by way of her chosen artistic medium, to figures of performing musicians, or to colourful abstract forms. Her work often suggests “melodies”, and her drawings touch the essence of the psyche, projecting a potency bordering on the bizarre. Today she employs various visual media in her work: charcoal, gouache, watercolor and soft & oil pastels. A selected number of her works are to be found on her website.
Contemporary Pop Line Art from
Dean Lovich New Zealand Custom Airbrush Artist
New Zealand based Dean Lovich is a talented customer airbrush artist creating visually inspiring pieces for all types of signage and art pieces. A custom paint piece can be created for almost anything - boats, cars, motorbikes, helmets. Check out
Jaideep Mehrotra India Contemporary Art from India
While a confluence of styles has exerted varying degrees of influence over Mehrotra, the artist's individuality continually asserts itself. He is capable of exceptional proficiency, which he uses to convey his vision of people and places in his immediate world, and the urban venues he chooses to depict. He creates awareness of his concerns in the hope that it brings about a positive change.

Jaideep is rated amongst India's finest inventive contemporary Artists and has had 22 solo exhibitions, both in India and abroad. His powerful paintings and sculptures form part of the collections of prestigious companies and individuals all over the world.
Glenda Savard Canada Calgary based artist
Edgy, vibrant paintings, bursting with colour and texture. Glenda is a Calgary based artist whose energetic paintings come alive from the stories she tells.
Olga Pankova Canada New Canadian Artist, with an emphasis on portraits
Eclectic, yet harmonious, Olga Pankova’s artwork resides in a domain full of fun and dreams. A Russian National, born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Olga developed and honed her melodious style from studies in art and design.

Initially a ceramic and glass designer-artist, as well as an established cartoonist in Tashkent, she was touched by her rich experiences in life.

A current resident of Markham, Ontario, Canada, Olga joyfully paints many subjects, featuring cultural individual themes, sensual works featuring women and various other unique and unusual works. She continues to use a number of mediums to render her talents.

Olga graduated from The Republican Art Collage "P.Benkova" as an Artist-Designer from Tashkent, Uzbekistan.
Catriona MacEachen United Kingdom Paintings of Scotland. Online landscape and seascape gallery of professional Scottish artist Catriona MacEachen.
Catriona Macdonald MacEachen lives in Fife and works as a professional artist.

Art has been her passion for as long as she can remember and although mainly self taught, she excelled in Art at school and went on to specialise in Art while undertaking an Education degree in Glasgow.

She was born in Kirkcaldy, Fife and although a proud Fifer, her roots are firmly embedded in the Hebrides and North West of Scotland. Regular trips there greatly influence her work.

Catriona's work is influenced primarily by her love of nature and wildlife. The intense colours, perpetually changing light, perfect forms and dramatic land and seascapes of the natural world of her homeland are a constant source of fascination and inspiration.

She uses a variety of media depending on the mood or atmosphere she wishes to reflect. She often works in acrylic to capture the vivid hues of a dramatic Hebridean sunset. She may use pastel to create a softer mood or sometimes oils for seamless blending of colours in a portrait.

Catriona's artwork is growing increasingly popular and she has many pieces in private collections both in the UK and abroad.

She successfully exhibited at Heron Gallery during Pittenweem Arts Festival in August 2011 and in January 2012 at The Airport Gallery, Edinburgh. She will also be exhibiting at The Airport Gallery from March to July 2012. Catriona is currently exhibiting at Pitlochry Festival Theatre until April 2012 and will shortly be exhibiting some pieces at Merchant Gate Gallery in Glasgow. From April 2012 she will also be exhibiting at Artery Gallery in St. Andrews and then she has a solo exhibition of her new work back at Pitlochry Festival Theatre in the River Room in Summer 2012 (16th July - 31st October).
Tom Forrestall Canada Tom Forrestall Prints
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Tom Forrestall signed prints released 10 new prints of his watercolours all signed by the artist and numbered from 1 to 50 only. The prints are 20x30 . The framed prints are 23x33 Each are professionally framed. Visit site or [email protected]
Laura Ficarra United States Art Website
Laura Ficarra was born and raised in New York by Italian immigrants. Early in life she was exposed to art and culture both in New York and Italy. She always admired the masters and still looks at their work with awe and inspiration.

Although, she has been exploring all genres and mediums, her true passion lies within her abstract acrylic paintings.

Her favorite artists include but are not limited to Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko and Barnett Newman.

When asked what painting means to her, she responded :

"Painting is an expression of the soul, poetry with paint,

Textured music, floating notes, rhythmic strokes, Creations from within,

Exploration of color wrapped within creative construction of collages combined with medium and paint.

Creations from within varying according to emotions, an expression of the soul.

Written by Laura Ficarra
Nina Tokhtaman Valetova United States Nina Tokhtaman Valetova
Professional association membership
International Arts Fund

Amasin Art Gallery, Virginia Beach, VA, U.S.A.
RoGallery, New York, NY, U.S.A

Selected Exhibitions
2011 "Art Beijing 2011", Beijing, China
2011 A. Jain Marunouchi Gallery, New York, NY, U.S.A.
2011 "Arte Pordenone", Artinvest SRL Torra della Filanda, Pordenone, Italy
2011 "Arte Genova 2011", Artinvest SRL Torra della Filanda, Fiera di Genova, Genova (Genoa), Italy
2011 Vernissage, Artinvest SRL Torra della Filanda, Rivoli, Torino (Turin), Italy
2010-2011 "From history to contemporary", jma Gallery / N Gallery / Euro-Asian Art and Culture Organization, Wien (Vienna), Austria
2009 "Metamorphosis", Agora Gallery, New York, NY, U.S.A.
2009 "Zolotoj Venec" ("Golden Tiara"), Chuvash State Art Museum, Cheboksary, Russia
2006 World Fine Art Gallery, New York, NY, U.S.A.
2001 "ArtManege 2001", Manege, Moskva (Moscow), Russia
2001 "Zolotaja Kist' 2001" ("Golden Brush 2001"), New Manege, Moskva (Moscow), Russia
1995 Arthaus Gallery, Dallas, TX, U.S.A.
1990-1991 Boulevard Galerie, Kopnhavn (Copenhagen), Denmark
Carol Chipkin Canada Carol Chipkin's Original Paintings for Sale and Prints
Carol Chipkin has a B.A. in Fine Art from the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg where she was born and educated. She moved to Vancouver 17 years ago and says that living in a stunning city like Vancouver invigorates her, just as the creative process does, both soothing her spirit and clearing the noise of life for hours at a time. She has always been oriented to the more decorative with a passion for colour, which probably originated during the time she was a textile designer. Her work is most frequently mixed media and uses colour strongly without being brash.
Robert Kaupelis United States Artist Robert Kaupelis
I want my paintings to offer a perceptual parade of multiple and diverse visual confrontations at once obvious and ambiguous; paintings that surprise me, which make the viewer say "WOW"! Hopefully, they are found beautiful and emotionally imperative. Frequently there are rich, painterly areas which contrast with hard-edge stripes or other geometric forms and impacted color that is dynamic, seductive, lyrical, loud, brash, beautiful and, hopefully, beguiling. Buildling/destroying, finding/losing, finding I love to paint.

Robert Kaupelis
Rochelle Carr United States Rochelle Carr Fine Art
An abstract expressionist titles the the category I find myself exploring today, yet my work began with mixed media creations: fiber arts, mosaic tiled work, metal sculpture, and jewelry. As my art turned to painting, I evolved to the form you see today: sculpture on wood (or canvas) to form works with an impasto-like two-dimensional depth complete with layers and layers of paint. I have been working and selling mixed media and fine art paintings for more than 18 years. My innovative, whimsical, playful style blends the tactile depth of sculpture (using paint or wall plaster) with the rich tones of acrylics, oils, and 23-karat gold leaf. My life is inspired by two themes, and you can find both in my art and poetry. A heart theme in my work expresses the soul-felt theme that guides me: “Follow your heart.” Iridescent accents and deep contrasting colors carry my personal motto “Live out loud.” “Adventure lies not in the places we seek, but in the moments we create in the places we treasure.” –RMC
Valorie Preston Canada FB page featuring latest work and inspiration.
In a world where colours collide, where laughter runs with tears and contradictions abound, I reside. Driven by the desire to reconcile growth with patience, love with despair and pain with experience,I paint. I paint to grow, to explore and to expose the world I see and imagine. I paint for the world I want and for the one that we have.

While I have always been an artist, I have not only been a visual artist. I have run election campaigns, been Chief of Staff in a premier’s office, taught high school English, coached winning softball teams and run national sport offices.
For the past twenty years I have focused exclusively on creating a business for my art, both through local and internationals sales, shows and personal development. I continue to pursue greater learning, more varied experiences and different mediums of expression.

A few years ago, I traveled to South East Asia, and studied the ancient art of the Cambodian Temples of Angkor Wat and the contemporary art of Viet Nam. Returning to Costa Rica often to challenge myself to try to express my vision in simpler, bolder ways.

A month in an isolated art workshop in Atlin, British Columbia; the experience of painting after attending an intense Aboriginal Healing Circle in Nares, Yukon, traveling to the far North and dipping my toes in the Arctic Ocean are experiences that find their way into my art.

Worked with mixed and multiple media; experimenting with Yupo and Mylar,and recently, I using oil on a type of Alumalite keeps my work fresh. Regardless of the medium or the subject, the strongest elements in all my work are colour and texture. Whether haunting faces or spiritual quests, with the use of vibrant colours and the play of light and dark, I suggest the powerful emotions and the narrative that is in my head.
Todd Riehle New Zealand crisp canvas prints
No Picture
<a href ="">crisp canvas prints</a>
Cristian Ruta-Fulger Romania Cristian Ruta-Fulger- works gallery, romanian artist Abstract oil paintings- contemporary neoexpresionism, strong color, energetics, geometry, gesture, art exchibition in Krakow, KRoma group, postmodernism member of the Association of Romanian Artis
Cristian Ruţă-Fulger- painter from Cluj, who gradueted University of Fine Arts Bucharest , Mural Art, member of the Association of Romanian Artists, subsidiary Cluj-Bistriţa, exposed paintings in art galleries in Cracow, Cluj-Napoca, Sibiu. Interested about the abstract compozition from geometric to gestural, prefer strong powerful contrasting color in dinamical structures, which links him to the to contemporary abstract neo-expressionism. Some of his works put the interess/ emphasis on space and shapes, put him alongside surrealism. In this oil paintings we can find together the abstract and the real, light and darkness, emotion and memory, the contemporary and the mediaeval.
Dan Haycock United Kingdom Dan Haycock: Draughtsman, Painter, Sculptor and Illustrator
Dan Haycock is a freelance draughtsman, painter, sculptor and illustrator based in Milton Keynes, UK. Dan has worked for private clients on projects such as literary illustrations, artwork and logos for bands, comic books and tattoo designs. As a painter, Dan produces mainly abstract work, although he also does the occasional landscape. Recently, he has also been producing digital works and sculpture in wood and metal.
Grant Burke Canada Displays the photorealism artwork of contemporary Canadian artist Grant Burke
Grant Burke was born and raised in Newmarket, Ontario. He has had a passion for visual arts his whole life, constantly sketching or painting in his spare time. He spent his high school career attending St. Andrews College in Aurora, Ontario. It was at St. Andrews that Grant was able to branch out into different divisions of art such as sculpture, electronic media, print making and photography. Grant's true passion however, lies with painting. Working primarily with oil paints, the artist developed a signature technique of creating realistic still life pieces that are truly captivating. His method of handling paint produces an overall effect of mysterious distance, nearly photographic in its realistic rendering of texture and color. His work has been featured in many auctions as well as many households across Ontario. Grant recently completed his Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA) at Queen's Univeristy and will soon be attending Humber College in Toronto to begin the Advertising and Graphic Design Program.
Kirsten Lei United States Kirsten Lei - Fine art abstract oil painter
I grew up overseas. At the time naive to the experience that was, to me, daily life. Looking back, I now see how experiencing foreign cultures has shaped my views and become part of the person I am today. I am passionate about all of life. Nothing centers me more than spending time with my hands in the dirt, playing in the sun, or standing at my easel covered in paint, coaxing life onto an empty canvas, inspired by my own thoughts and by the world I see. I am not a painter, I give love, beauty, life, but mostly to give of myself. My abstracts are colorfully organic conveying a sense of depth, mystery and light.