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Rammal-Alanbari Asma United Kingdom
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Asma Rammal-Alanbari, an artist trained as an architect, born in Irak, and residing in London invite you to discover her artwork strongly influenced by the Oriental and European cultures. Our artist present you her paintings, sculptures and jewelry, mixtures of abstract, figurative, surreal, and expressionist styles, all available in United Kingdom and France. Her extremely creative and expressionist work of art is a visual story expressing raw emotion, incarnating the intangible, always appearing to be abstract at first
Edward Campbell United Kingdom Edward Campbell Surreal Oil Paintings
I was for some mysterious and rather welcome reason born on the small island of Bermuda, somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in the mid summer of 1986. A few years later we moved to Guernsey in the channel islands where my brother and sister were born and we grew up. Scotland came next with school and so forth. Deciding to free myself from the shackles of forced education, and thanks to a very supportive understanding mother, I ended up venturing to a remote outpost that went by the name of Ullapool in North West Scotland. I went with the intention of attending an art course there.
Mid summer flow

This duly turned out to be instrumental to all that has followed in regards to painting and artwork. The dramatic winter landscapes, along with the cascading river below the studio itself, really was an incredible setting to create art in along with some really delightful gentle people who I was on the course with. The memories of the oppressive regime of art teachers before while at school, with the usual being shouted at for not drawing a twig 'properly' for example, began to fade.

The rivers in particular attracted me and especially light and the rushing water. I thoroughly enjoyed painting on vast pieces of paper using everything imaginable. It really was all incredibly inspiring and my sincere thanks goes to Eleanor White for helping me so much which my confidence and inspiration which continues to this day.

Well time has moved on and I’ve certainly painted a great deal of paintings in the meantime, for a long time focusing on landscapes, mostly rivers, sunlight and water. A while ago, as I was lying down to go to sleep, I thought that it would be fun to paint a man sitting in an upturned umbrella in the rain reading a book! Well little was I to know who, the soon to be named, 'Umbrella Man' would become. Continue the story at
Priti Patel United Kingdom Original landscape paintings and Giclée prints that capture your imagination and take you to a world filled with beauty, light and colour.
I'm a self taught artist based in Birmingham, United Kingdom. I work with both oils and acrylics to create romantic landscape paintings. I’m inspired by nature, its beauty, textures and array of colors are a true wonder. For me the sky evokes another world which is quite ethereal. It can be dramatic, romantic and peaceful. Through my paintings, I hope to take you to another world filled with beauty, light and colour.
Gary Rohrabaugh United States art
Eye Candy jumps off the canvas then takes the viewer for a spinning swirling experience. The new Illusion here is the radical shift in the outer swirl that causes the break in the surface plane. Kind of reminds one of the red and white peppermint hard candies.
Yasmín Wisecarver United States Art by Seattle-based Salvadoran artist Yasmín Wisecarver
Yasmín was born in Santiago, Chile and grew up in San Salvador, El Salvador. In September 2004, she moved to Seattle to pursue her undergraduate degree at the University of Washington. In December 2008, she completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts.

Yasmín currently resides in Seattle, WA and works from her home studio.
Charlotte Light United States Seascape Paintings by Charlotte Light
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Charotte became interested in painting seascapes after viewing the work of master seascape artists while on vacation. She now paints almost exclusively seascape paintings. She has taken workshops and classes from prominent seascape artists of Oregon, Washington and California: Byron Pickering, E John Robinson, Buck Paulson, Lyn Lasneski and Edi Olson. Charlotte and her dogs make frequent trips to the Oregon coast to study the ocean and walk the beaches.
Keith Andrew United Kingdom Keith Andrew etchings and watercolours
An extract from an introduction written by the late Sir Kyffin Williams OBE, RA. : - "Keith Andrew records our past and our present and in doing so warns us through apathy it might all be lost"

Keith Andrew RCA (Royal Cambrian Academy) was born in London and studied at Beckenham School of Art and Ravensbourne College of Art and Design, Bromley, Kent . He worked in London as a graphic artist for eight years before turning to painting full time in 1975. This coincided with moving to Anglesey, North Wales.
Aleksandra Vasovic Serbia Aleksandra Art Work
Artist Aleksandra Vasovic explains her multiple media art work. First-hand insights from artist about artistic inspiration and statement, motifs and a presentation of images and videos of artworks and exhibitions.

Aleksandra Smiljkovic Vasovic, B.A. and M.F.A. from The Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting, Belgrade University of Arts.
B. Arch. from the Faculty of Architecture at Belgrade University.
Member of The Association of Fine Artists of Serbia since 1994.
Took part at many solo and group exhibitions in Serbia and abroad.
Angela Gonzalez United States Angela Gonzalez
Angela Gonzalez is a visual artist based in the San Francisco Bay Area, whose work is inspired by Classic Realism.

Spanning a 15 year career, Angela has lived in Europe, Latin America and both coasts of the United States. Each of these places has influenced her approach to art, which is reflected in a palette as rich as her lifelong artistic experiences.

She has exhibited across the United States, most recently in California.

Also please visit her Facebook page and "like" in order to get updates and news:
Henry Allen United Kingdom Modern and Classical Art
Since eaving school with the GCSE certifcate for Art, I have been mostly self-taught, studying from books thereafter.

For my drawings and paintings I use colorfast artist grade watercolors, wax crayon,
pen & ink, oil paint and acrylics on acid-free paper or canvas. All pieces of work are two-dimensional.

I study from both male and female models (in person and from photograph), still-life,
abstract ideas, land and seascapes, and animals.

I sometimes commission still-life and photos uploaded to me from GIF or jpg files taken with a digital camera or scanner. I interpret these to my style of painting or drawing.
Teresa Hodges United Kingdom Paintings and drawings from the countryside
Born in London, in 1951,I studied Fine art at Hastings School of Art, and have painted ever since, now concentrating on landscape, and in particular, trees. Walking with my two dogs in the Hampshire countryside gives me plenty of inspiration for my paintings, although I also enjoy travelling in France and Italy, and painting the the warmer landscapes.
Sonsoles Shack United States SONSOLES FINE ART
I was born in Madrid, Spain. Both my parents are artists and I was raised loving drawing, painting and art history. Although I am a molecular biologist by profession working on cancer research, I have continued to draw and paint as much as possible, and even more so during the last ten years. Painting in oils is my passion, and my recently created website is finally showcasing my artwork.

Continuously learning and evolving, my own development is leading me to portraiture. Children, adolescents and adults alike, portraits are a great challenge, and that is why perhaps the satisfaction is also great. I can certainly say now that doing portraits is what I enjoy most. I have done commissioned portraits for a variety of especial occasions, birthdays, anniversaries, memorials, and heirloom. My goal is to achieve not only an accurate likeness, but also much more than that, to show the inner self and the subject's personality. Paintings, and particularly portraits, are always a unique gift, and a wonderful way to immortalize a loved one.

I hope you enjoy browsing my work as much as I enjoyed creating it. Do not hesitate to contact me if any questions arise or for a quote.

Thank you and welcome to my website!
Julian Rowe United Kingdom The work of Cornish artist Julian Rowe
I am an oil painter, mainly concentrating on landscape, figures, wildlife and portrait work.
I live close to St Ives in Cornwall, a town very famous for its art history and contemporary artists.
My work is on permanent display at Art Space Gallery on The Wharf in St Ives.
My website is:
I work with thickly applied oils and have a great interest in light and atmosphere.
I usually involve local scenery in my compositions and often strive to give the sense of a developing scene or part of a story.
Manuel Sanchez Spain Manuel sanchez Art Gallery
Hi my Name Is Manuel Sanchez,I was Born In Cordoba,Spain.I moved to the United States when I was 3 years old in 1962 and spent forty years,Living there.Practacully my whole life. I´ve been an Artist and a Flamenco Dancer for over 40 years. My style of painting is realistic - Impresionism.My love for the arts have taken me half way around the world,enjoying every minute of it.I began drawing at a very young age and started oil painting also,which indeed came in handy, speacilly when there was no work as a dancer. I always had my painting skills.It got me out of a lot of unpaid dancing contracts in foreign countries.I do not dance any more but still enjoy the arts,by expressing it on a canvas.As in Flamenco I am a person that loves to live life with passion,love and improvization.I love to paint wild animals,portraits and of corse Spanish themes,like Flamenco,bullfights and the wild Spanish Bull.I am a very hard worker and will not sign a painting untill my heart and soul tell me its finished.Like my dancing my painting is filled with love,fire,passion,feeling and of corse improvization.
George Alamidis Australia George Alamidis
The collection of found objects used in this body of work are usually found along the waters edge. The sea gives them shape, and my contribution is, to collect, assemble and arrange them.
Pat Mahan Fine Art United States A Traditional Oil Landscape painter for over 20 years, my art takes a viewer into the creative process an artist goes through. No longer satisfied to replicate nature, I lean toward discovering something fresh and exciting.
From Traditional Representational Oil Painting, after many hours outside painting "Plein Air" sketches, to Abstract Expressionism trying to discover a new audience in "Art for the Blind", into the complete Abstract world, I continue to create according to my Spiritual studies and the impact art makes in a changing world.
Michael Kop'ev Russia Honored Artist of Russia Michael Kop'ev
Mikhail V. Kop'ev - bright and diverse artist talent: painter, graphic artist, cartoonist, artist of the theater. Born in 1947 in Ufa. He graduated from the Ufa State Institute of Art (1973-1978).
Trained at the Leningrad Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. IE Repin (USSR Academy of Arts, 1979).Member of the Russian Union of Artists since 1981
Honored Artist of Russia (1998). Since 1986 he lives and works in Vologda.
He taught at the Art Institute of Ufa, Volgograd Technical University. Associate Professor, Department of Architecture and Construction Vogt.
The artist's esponirovalis at national, regional and international exhibitions. During the years of his artistic career spent about
30 personal exhibitions in Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Ufa, Vologda) and abroad: Germany, Luxembourg, France, South Africa;participated in the International Art Fair «Art Manege.Iskusstvo of the twentieth century" (Moscow - 1996, 1998, 2009).
Ann E. Atlas United States This is a small taste of some of the work for sale
No Picture
Life Fellow Royal Society of Arts

Regent Polytechnic, London, England
Royal Academy of Music, London, England
Art Students League, New York City
University of Rhode Island Workshop
Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts
Studied under Sol Wilson and Lucile Geiser

Westfield Art Association, 1977-1979, Mixed Media Award
First in Graphics, Westfield Art Association
Second in Oils, Westfield Art Association
Board of Directors Award, American Artists Professional League
Honorable Mention, Watercolor, Summit Art Association, 1980
Oil Award, Westfield Art Association, 1982

Private Collections:
IBM Offices, Cranford, NJ
Campbell Soup Co., Office of the President
Royal Manufacturing Co., Allentown, PA
Cities Service, Dallas, TX, Office of the Vice President
Aliza Ben Baruch Israel Aliza, a modern artist with abstract and expressionist features, has been creating art for over 70 years. She graduated way back from the Arnhem Art Academy in Holland, specializing in illustration and graphic arts.
Aliza Ben Baruch, née Alie Evers (1923, Holland) an Arnhem Art Academy graduate('48), specializing in illustrative and graphic arts: etching, lithography, monoprint, collography. She illustrated children's books such as "Barnaby and the horses" by Lydia Pender/ Han G. Hoekstra, as well as the "Biblical Stories for Children", by D.A. Cramer-Schaap. Aliza emigrated to Israel in the 60's. She exhibited on many occasions in Israel and abroad. Her techniques and skills strongly portray the depth of her honesty of expression in the works she creates. Horses form an important theme engaged by Aliza repeatedly in her works. This may be attributed to the recollections she has retained of Dutch landscapes she remembers from the period during her youth in The Netherlands. Another theme is the human female. Here she often portrays her subjects with puzzling or even macabre expressions, but always combined with the suggestion of an affectionate and condoning nuance. A great deal of her inspiration is drawn from music, which she transforms, by way of her chosen artistic medium, to figures of performing musicians, or to colourful abstract forms. Her work often suggests “melodies”, and her drawings touch the essence of the psyche, projecting a potency bordering on the bizarre. Today she employs various visual media in her work: charcoal, gouache, watercolor and soft & oil pastels. A selected number of her works are to be found on her website.
Contemporary Pop Line Art from