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Graham Gercken Australia Australian Artist Graham Gercken , Landscapes & seascapes in Oil
Graham was born in Queensland Australia 1960, but was drawn to spend most of his life in the "World Heritage listed" Blue Mountains west of Sydney. This region with its natural beauty was Graham's inspiration to become a Landscape Artist
After 25 Years of professionally Painting he has won many awards, including a number of first places, had sell-out exhibitions at Prouds Art Gallery Sydney and has his paintings in some of Australia's most prestigious Art Galleries as well as the Korean consulate.
Grahams works have been presented to visiting dignitaries, sports persons and are represented in private collections all over the world.
Graham's only teacher has been nature herself taking every opportunity to paint on location "Plein Air
Samara Doumnande United States Paintings and drawings of African American daily life
Samara Doumnande (SamDoum) has studied at the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design as well as the Rochester Institute of Technology where she graduated with a Bachelor's of Fine Arts and a degree in Interior Design. She has just recently released a spoken word album as well as e-book both entitled "Bible Tales: The First Five Books in Rhyme (for children and adults)" and is also working on her first play, "A Tale of Antinara," which is soon to be released, in upcoming years.

Samara's subject matters are inspired by the late artists Mary Cassatt and Henry Tanner, as the themes of women with children, as well as African American daily life permeate her drawings and paintings.

Samara's favorite medium to work in is pastel as she loves to get her fingers dirty as she rubs her fingers across the paper, blending colors, forming lines and shapes, smudging and becoming one with the painting and/or drawing.

Samara's fine art work can be found at

Samara lives in Rochester, New York with her husband and three children.
Eva Fidjeland Sweden EvaFidjeland, multimedia artist
Eva Fidjeland, Orrefors, is a member of the Swedish Artists´ National Organization. She started off as a glass artist in the eighties, but has expanded into fields of photography, poetry, visual arts, mixed media...
Eva Fidjeland Sweden Eva Fidjeland - artist, poet
Eva Fidjeland is a member of the Swedish Artists´ National Organization.
Cornelia Rijkaart van Cappellen Italy Cornelia Rijkaart van Cappellen, fine art
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Cornelia Rijkaart van Cappellen is a Dutch fine art painter. She acquired a strong foundational education in art in Florence (Italy) while being trained in the old masters techniques. The resulting work reveals a personal and contemporary expression of beauty while paying homage to the Classical tradition of craftsmanship.
Cornelia works from Italy but accepts portrait commissions from all over. She takes great care to express the beauty of souvenirs and/or inherited objects for her still life commissions. Explore her work in the different galleries on her website or contact her directly.
Raymond Wattenhofer United States Raymond Wattenhofer Oil Painter
Raymond Wattenhofer is a landscape and wildlife oil painter from northern Minnesota.
Tatiana Iliina Canada My Website
A Montreal artist whose work is collected worldwide, Tatiana Iliina was born in Russia. Tatiana grew up near St. Petersburg, then known as Leningrad. She completed her studies at the Mukhina Higher Institute of Art and Design, a few minutes walk from the world-famous Hermitage Museum. She has lived in Canada now over 15 years and has been very successful selling her paintings to collectors all over the world. She has also created spectacular monumental works in downtown Montréal and as far away as Ontario and Russia, and has participated in numerous exhibitions throughout her career. Tatiana says: “Art is a gift that has been given to me to share. I developed a love of art early in life and it has only grown stronger with time. In all areas of art, the common thread, my passion, is to seek out the beauty and the joy in all things and bring it to life for all to enjoy.” Tatiana maintains a studio at the Montreal Art Center and gallery in downtown Montreal.
Emily Cobb United States Emily Cobb: Dreaming Without Sound
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I can sum up my entire childhood with that one day after the rainstorm. We were making a movie about bandits, so we all had ripped-off pieces of our t-shirts tied in masks around our faces, and there was a backpack of rope, an enormous blond wig, and two bottles of ketchup-blood.

We all took off our shoes, waded up to the dam—it’s an old concrete slab embedded in the hill, crumbling and covered in vines, and it has been there so long the creek found its way around the dam—more like a castle and moat, really.

This was the day we found the doll with one glass periwinkle eye, but I remember it because of the moss. The ferns smelled like skunks and there were tiny red bugs, and in every direction was this toxic green glow, like a rich Peter Pan green on top of iridescent lime, like the moss had slurped up all that rain water and was breathing it out in an ethereal mist.

It’s visceral moments like these that continue to drive me from one adventure to the next, each fueling an internal demand to create. And as my stomping ground grows bigger and more limitless, I’m grounded by the internalized cycle of the New England seasons. Their pull is inescapable, and it guides me as if it were a pendulum between outward and inner discovery.
LarryMcgill Canada Art Workshops & Painting Holidays
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Unleash your creativity! Join a group or build an art workshop to fit your needs, goals and budget. Learn through an art workshop through painting holidays. Learn through painting holidays in inspiring locations.
Jace Richarde Canada the official homepage of Canadian wildlife artist Jace Richarde
Canadian artist Jace Richarde resides near the shores of Lake Winnipeg. Here he keeps an active studio, capturing in his own style of loose realism the flora and fauna that abound in the area, as well as exotic wildlife.
Joseph Dea United States Portrait Artist
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Digital Oil Painting - Pet Family Executive Portraiture
Creative Pile United States Creative Pile
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Our goal is to create modern and up-to-date designs and branding, that will give your potential and existing customers the best impression of who you are and what you do.
Painting for Painting - Season & Floyd Van Marek Canada Painting for Painting
Interested in the Abstract?

Calgary based Artists Season and Floyd Van Marek representing the essence of the Soul.

Visit Facebook, like, and buy!

Corporate leasing and International shipment available.
toddriehle United States crisp canvas prints
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crisp canvas prints
Melody Starkweather Canada Custom portraits of family pets and people, hand-made with love by Melody Starkweather in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Detailed and professional drawings and paintings of all subjects.
I have always made art, both independently and collaboratively. It's something I do. It's in my blood. And I have always been drawn to portraiture. It is such a rush, capturing the essence of a person, an animal, a place, a memory. That moment in which the character starts to shine through the paint, ink or pencil is not only gratifying, but it's exciting. They really come to life.

I grew up in the Ottawa Valley in a household literally full of pets: dogs, cats, lizards, birds, fish, hamsters, and even horses. So, I come by it naturally. I love my pets. And I probably love yours. This, coupled with a passion for creation and a raging sense of sentimentality lands me here, drawing and painting portraits of loved ones - animal and human. Like other pet-owners, I truly feel that pets are members of our families. They give us unconditional love and they improve our quality of life. I believe that they deserve to be commemorated through portraits the same way that people do. And let's face it: even if they don't deserve it, we love them anyway!

In 2006, I received an H.B.A. with a double major in Visual Studies (Studio Art) and Art History from the University of Toronto. I currently live and work in Toronto, Ontario, with my man and kitty and many fishes.
Rammal-Alanbari Asma United Kingdom
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Asma Rammal-Alanbari, an artist trained as an architect, born in Irak, and residing in London invite you to discover her artwork strongly influenced by the Oriental and European cultures. Our artist present you her paintings, sculptures and jewelry, mixtures of abstract, figurative, surreal, and expressionist styles, all available in United Kingdom and France. Her extremely creative and expressionist work of art is a visual story expressing raw emotion, incarnating the intangible, always appearing to be abstract at first
Edward Campbell United Kingdom Edward Campbell Surreal Oil Paintings
I was for some mysterious and rather welcome reason born on the small island of Bermuda, somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean in the mid summer of 1986. A few years later we moved to Guernsey in the channel islands where my brother and sister were born and we grew up. Scotland came next with school and so forth. Deciding to free myself from the shackles of forced education, and thanks to a very supportive understanding mother, I ended up venturing to a remote outpost that went by the name of Ullapool in North West Scotland. I went with the intention of attending an art course there.
Mid summer flow

This duly turned out to be instrumental to all that has followed in regards to painting and artwork. The dramatic winter landscapes, along with the cascading river below the studio itself, really was an incredible setting to create art in along with some really delightful gentle people who I was on the course with. The memories of the oppressive regime of art teachers before while at school, with the usual being shouted at for not drawing a twig 'properly' for example, began to fade.

The rivers in particular attracted me and especially light and the rushing water. I thoroughly enjoyed painting on vast pieces of paper using everything imaginable. It really was all incredibly inspiring and my sincere thanks goes to Eleanor White for helping me so much which my confidence and inspiration which continues to this day.

Well time has moved on and I’ve certainly painted a great deal of paintings in the meantime, for a long time focusing on landscapes, mostly rivers, sunlight and water. A while ago, as I was lying down to go to sleep, I thought that it would be fun to paint a man sitting in an upturned umbrella in the rain reading a book! Well little was I to know who, the soon to be named, 'Umbrella Man' would become. Continue the story at
Priti Patel United Kingdom Original landscape paintings and Giclée prints that capture your imagination and take you to a world filled with beauty, light and colour.
I'm a self taught artist based in Birmingham, United Kingdom. I work with both oils and acrylics to create romantic landscape paintings. I’m inspired by nature, its beauty, textures and array of colors are a true wonder. For me the sky evokes another world which is quite ethereal. It can be dramatic, romantic and peaceful. Through my paintings, I hope to take you to another world filled with beauty, light and colour.
Gary Rohrabaugh United States art
Eye Candy jumps off the canvas then takes the viewer for a spinning swirling experience. The new Illusion here is the radical shift in the outer swirl that causes the break in the surface plane. Kind of reminds one of the red and white peppermint hard candies.
Yasmín Wisecarver United States Art by Seattle-based Salvadoran artist Yasmín Wisecarver
Yasmín was born in Santiago, Chile and grew up in San Salvador, El Salvador. In September 2004, she moved to Seattle to pursue her undergraduate degree at the University of Washington. In December 2008, she completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts.

Yasmín currently resides in Seattle, WA and works from her home studio.