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Individual artists....
Name of Artist Country Artist's Website Artist's Work (photo)
ian hufton United Kingdom Ian Hufton Photography
I am a photographer based in East Kent. My work mainly consists of the environment around me. Since my childhood I have loved the outdoors. My obsession with outdoor sports such as rock climbing and mountainboarding has strengthened this bond. I have traveled to many inspirational places but I am always pleased to find great photo opportunities and unique moments to capture, which are equally rewarding here on my doorstep.
Pierre van Dijk France Impressionist living and working in France.

Pierre van Dijk was born on 5 June 1950 in ’s-Hertogenbosch. At the age of only 4 Pierre wants to draw and paint in all quiet. On his tenth birthday he is given his first ‘real’ set of oil paint, palette and canvas.

In 1954 he and his family move to The Hague. This is where he studies at the Royal Academy for Fine Arts (NL)(1967 – 1972). From 1972 to 1974 he pursues his studies at the Free Academy (NL) guided personally by Livinus van der Bunt, rector of the academy as well as artist. A great number of exhibitions – both in the Netherlands as well as abroad – follow from 1974 onwards.

In the course of the eighties Pierre became more and more internally driven to capture the phenomena of light and colour in all their splendour. Pierre developed a unique palette, style and vision. This vision, the typical use of colours and his handling of light have become famous and trademark Pierre’s impressionist paintings. His vision can be described as vitalist optimism; he paints the beauty of life. His use of colours can be called contradictory. Through the use of a refined combination of a limited number of base colours he achieves an inimitable wealth of colours. His use of light is more than just lighting; it does not fall externally on the object or scene; it is mostly a light from within. Pierre van Dijk colours life and exposes a world of light.

In 1998 Pierre decided to open a gallery in ‘s-Hertogenbosch, together with his partner Arieke (died 2003) and his brother Christiaan. The dream to set up another gallery in France came true when the two brothers opened a gallery in the medieval town of Beynac, origin of impressionism.

The gallery is surrounded by historic monuments and the overwhelming nature of Dordogne.

Pierre is represented by several Fine Art Galleries in Switserland, France, Holland and in the USA
Cheryl Tomkin Indonesia Artist Cheryl Tomkin, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, Fun and Creative Art.
Cheryl is Australian and spends most of her time in Ubud, Bali Indonesia with her husband. In Bali she is inspired by everything around her on a daily basis.

Cheryl's paintings are bright, bold and fun; they leap off the canvases and many people have asked her to paint commissions for them. All she wanted was to explore her hidden artistic dreams, however as Cheryl is evolving, her art seems to change with every brush stroke and loves the journey she is now on. Cheryl's style is hard to define but could be cubism/abstract/pop/surreal/fantasy art and her art is the main passion and focus in her life.

Upon journeying to the beautiful paradise island of Bali and particularly Ubud, Cheryl had the good fortune of meeting Mr Bruce Sherratt, a renowned artist and teacher, originally from the UK but now resides in Ubud and founded a fantastic art studio, BCAC (Bali Center for Artistic Creativity) in the Nyoman Ada Gallery, Andong Rd.

Bruce changed her artistic life and gave her the knowledge and tools to hone her skills and she is now truly living her dream.

Not only does Cheryl paint, but she writes poetry (published) and also writing her first novel at the moment. Cheryl has also edited a newly released book, Odyle Knight's "Hippos Eat Grass - Busting the Fat Myth" and designs/makes jewellery pieces, some of which are placed on the canvases for extra effects.

Cheryl is now in the throws of painting and putting together art pieces for her upcoming solo exhibition very soon.
JUlio Ariza Urbina Colombia Paintings
Spanish artist of Colombian origin. Artist working in oil. Subjects include Colombian Indians of the Caribbean (Arawcs and Wayuus), religious, the Madonna, and still live. He was born in San Juan del Cesar(Colombia) on 1955. At the age of 18 he decided to move to the capital, Bogota, to study Fine Arts at the National University where he remains for about 4 months, when he decided to leave and changed to Mathematics and Archaeological Restoration. In 1984 he left Colombia and go to Barcelona (Spain) working like an archaeological restorer in the ancient ruins of Ampurias. He worked for 13 years combining illustration, designing and restoration when in 1997 he decided to become a full-time painter and came back to Colombia, going to live with the ancient tribes of the Arhuacos and Guajiros. He lived there until 2005 when he came back to Europe in Florence where he currently lives.
Shelagh Price South Africa Shelagh Price
Shelagh Price was born and spent her younger years in Rhodesia, Zimbabwe. This is where she developed a love of rural farm life and open African landscapes. Having the advantage of living in Cape Town, Shelagh regularly visits the Karoo and surrounding areas where she spends much of her time, and more particularly the Klein Karoo. She has held numerous solo and group exhibitions in the main centres of South Africa. Numerous corporations have acquired her landscapes for boardrooms including First National Bank Head Office, SA Breweries, Coca Cola, and Pimlico Holdings. She is also in many private collections, nationally and internationally. She has travelled extensively around Europe, America, Canada and on numerous painting trips to Israel.
Denis Marsili AKA Ditch the Kitsch!! DDTK Argentina Cool Artistic T-Shirts
I’m Denis AKA Ditch The Kitsch (DDTK) Conceptual Artist and T-shirt designer from Argentina.
I look out for the vibrations that unleash creativity hoping to depict my essence through art. It's like a passionate longing to let it all out.

I get inspired by the Universe around me and the one in my mind. When designing I try to imagine the happy owner of the T-shirt making an impression, looking cool while having a great time, feeling uplifted!…It’s high boost for my inspiration.

I’m curious and trying new things with a positive mindset shapes my style, so I'm quite interested in artistic collaborations.
I'm grateful I’m connecting with people through my artworks and Tshirts, It's a blessing!

Artist Anthony Flake United States
Freelance artist for 20+ years
Attended State Technical University
Major in Commercial Arts,
Works have appeared on Wkno TV Channel 10
Action Art for Public Television. Recently Published by Sheiffer Publisher new book called
Contemporary Painters, available at Barnes and Nobles and also published in Reed Magazine
Sonal Raje Canada Artist site-Sonal Raje
I am a visual artist based in Canada. I work in the Acrylic and Encaustic mediums and continue to explore new techniques to enhance my art.

My artistic mission is to create works of art that relate to finding a sense of peace and harmony in diverse and unpredictable conditions. I draw inspiration from nature and life experiences to find parallels of this vision.

I am actively involved in the local art associations, as well global ventures that promote the Arts.

My work has been exhibited in Art shows in India and Canada.
Matthew Ziranek South Africa Official Website of Matthew Ziranek, Fine Artist - Cape Town
Practicing Artist from Cape Town South Africa, specializes in Sculpture and Illustration.

Come visit my website

Starr United States
No Picture
I'm a fairly young artist but have already produced about 400 oil paintings, most to private buyers and wholesale buyers to pay the rent and to buy art materials. I have just completed a website uploaded to google with 12 galleries of pictures a gallery. It took me 6 months to built the site, it comes with credit card and paypal connectivity. Thanks for letting me be a part of artistsinoils. Starr
Denise Antonini France Paintings, drawings, Chinese ink, pastel, pencil, watercolors, acrylics, oil painting on canvas, oil painting on wood, portraits, wildlife and animals, paintings from photography.
Turn your photos into handmade oil portraits by professional artists. Get a portrait of your family, child, pet or house.
El Bravo Philippines El Bravo Online Art Gallery
"When I was a small kid my grandma used to scold me because I drew on walls, magazines and almost all surfaces that invite me to draw on. My first love is art and it's my world ever since. I live and had my schooling days in the Philippines. I gave up some days of my artistic life to motherhood and my business career but, still, I wasted lots of papers and bought books for artistic improvements. When my three sweet kids grew up, I figured it's time to share my art to the world. With the help of my talented daughter, I was able to sell my art through the internet. My daughter is my business partner and marketing manager.
I do portrait, abstract, still life, landscape and figurative arts. I have a line of paintings where you can choose from or you may commission me on the artistic design you want by contacting me."
Mary Dunn United States Mary Dunn-PittsburghArtist
Mary Dunn, born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania in 1952, and has been living all her life around the suburb of West Mifflin, not far from the big city. As with many artists, she was drawing and oil painting most of her life. Her love for art never ceases and through the years, it has become a way of expression and relaxation.

Mostly self taught, Mary Dunn has worked primarily in oils; however, recently she has been working in pastels, acrylics, and watercolors.

While in college, Mary minored in art. Although she would have loved to have been an art major, at that time, she was a single parent and felt it necessary to major in business to take care of her two daughters. After college, she could not devote time to her art work, but now that her children have grown, there is more time to create and enjoy painting.

Mary works full time as a project manager but her evenings are spent either at the canvas or reading about various artist techniques. “It is a wonderful feeling to be creative in a way that people enjoy and appreciate. When my work is displayed, whether it is a pet portrait, a landscape, or a floral, the satisfaction of being the creator of an image brings such joy to my life.”

As an emerging artist, Mary’s exhibitions have included The Jewish Community Center (Mt. Lebanon, PA), The Galaxie (Chicago, Illinois) and the Iris and Ivory Tea Room (Emerling Plaza, Indianola, PA). Her artwork has been featured on “Infuze”, a website magazine, as well as “Art Bistro”. Currently, some of Mary's art hangs in the Gallery Sim and the Hoffman Gallery.

Mary holds a B.S. Degree in Business Management and a Masters Degree in Public Management. She is also a member of the Pittsburgh Pastel Artists League where she is the Secretary and is responsible for the monthly newsletter. You can find more about Mary and her artwork on her website
Pat Jedruszek United Kingdom Paintings from Photos
Pat offers personalised pop art style paintings from photos to clients throughout the local area and UK.

With free UK delivery and one off unique designs - hand painted acrylic portraits from photos are a fantastic gift idea for anyone and for any occasion.

Pat paints her pictures on high qual­ity Wind­sor and New­ton 100% cot­ton can­vas hav­ing been triple coated with one coat of acid free siz­ing and two coats of highly pig­men­ted primer. All canvases are stapled on the reverse res­ult­ing in clean edges. She also uses Wind­sor and New­ton “Galeria” brushes and Reeves Fine Artist Qual­ity Colours.

There are three sizes avail­able, each size with a dif­fer­ent price tag. Discounts are sometimes available. Please visit the website to find out more.
Jeremy Byers United States Art of Jeremy Byers
I have been working with digital imaging for 5 years now. My work is an eclectic mix of nature still life and emotive human nature shots through the art medium of photography. My true passion is doing nature photography throughout all seasons of the year.
Peter Foti giclee artist (murumuru) Hungary Colorful Abstract Art Giclee Prints from Peter Foti
No Picture
Hello, my name is Peter.

I'm a visual artist creating mostly abstract giclee art prints with bold and clear colors and unusual blending modes.
You can also find my works if you type "murumuru" or "murumuruArt" in google, since I'm using this brand to popularize my art pieces.
Murumuru is something really about shapes and colors and to cheer up everybody who's looking at it.
Please visit my site on Etsy ( or find me on facebook at for more art and news about me.
Follow me on twitter &

You're very welcome to my world of colors!
benedict edet Nigeria
i am benedict edet, a professional artist from akwa ibom state practising at abuja, nigeria. studied fine and applied arts at the university of nigeria, nsukka, between 1985 and 1990 graduating with a second class upper division and specializing in painting.
born on the 16th of october, 1964 at onike, yaba, in lagos, south west nigeria to mr, alphonsus thomas edet, who till his death in 1982, was a french teacher at the st. timothy,s college, iwaya, lagos, though also literate in greek and latin had settled at lagos with his then wife, anna, a trader at the popular tejuosho market, before the beginning of the biafran civil war in 1967.
while i attended the st. patrick,s catholic school, yaba, from 1970, i noticed i had developed a keen interest in drawing, i was making pencil sketches on my school notebooks with special inspiration from comic books like spider man, captain america, hulk, etc. i was also inspired by kenny adamson, a painter that lived in the neigbhourhood a few houses away. i would peep through his no. 7, majaro street studio and watched him paint for hours and then would collect left over squeezed paint tubes he threw away to work with and in 1979 i made my first painting,a portrait in acrylics.
after my father,s death in 1982, i left lagos to calabar, where i was admitted to continue my secondary school education at the hope waddell training institute.
during my years of study at the university of nigeria, nsukka, under professor obiora udechukwu and professor el anatsui, especially, i began to develop a personal style of painting that had underlying influences from broken or cracked wall tiles as i was fascinated by the geometrically sinuous nature of the lines created by the cracks.
Peggy Harshman United States Where Spark Meets Art
Peggy Harshman has been creating art since 2001 and has shown her art thre dimensional works of art in California USA.
Zoran Serbia ArtDanilov
Art presentation of Master Painter Zoran danilov Popovic
Jim Pavelle United States Pavelle Fine Art Gallery
I live in Marina, California, a mile from Monterey Bay and about 12 miles from downtown Monterey. Monterey was made famous by Salinas native John Steinbeck with his book, 'Cannery Row', among many others.

Within easy driving reach are the communities of Pacific Grove, Pebble Beach, Carmel-by-the-Sea, Carmel Valley, Salinas, Big Sur, Moss Landing, Santa Cruz, and Yosemite as well as most of Northern California. 

Other subject-matter locations will include, Hawaii, New Zealand, Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Great Britain, Ireland and possibly the Netherlands.

My work begins with my composing photographs while on location, bringing them into my computer and enriching, enhancing and/or manipulating the subject. I don't have one specific style but like to play with context, mood, shapes, and feeling. I know, these are all squishy-feely explanations. I just want my work to look good, be enjoyed by others, and to be showered with newly minted doubloons I can make into piles and jump into.

My professional credentials are equally impressive. I went to college in Northwestern Ohio, majored in Graphic Design with a degree in Fine Arts, which I didn't receive because I flunked Italian. I've painted in acrylics and oils, fabricated jewelry, constructed sculptures, built facades of Victorian Houses and other historic buildings using balsa and Elmer's Glue, been a production artist, designer, creative director, marketing director, business owner, and will make beer runs if everyone chips in. I was even a licensed street artist in the City of San Francisco. I used to freeze my ass off every weekend sitting down at the Embarcadero.