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Category Artist's Galleries
Gallery Name The Art of Jean James
Country Canada
City Peterborough
Web Site Jean James, Fine Artist in Oils
Artistic Styles Abstract, Abstract Expressionism
Subject Areas Fantasy
Art Media Oil paint
Description When asked what I paint by some one who doesn’t know my work I reply “Always the same thing, light, colour, design and depth.” Part of me is always on the watch in my everyday life for significant juxtopositions of these elements and the influence of them in or on human emotion or understanding.

Some ideas take time and thought to mature. Subject matter and the techniques used vary considerably but all grow from the same base.

Many of my images have a sense of expectancy in them, a tendency to the surreal. In an overwhelmingly technical and faceless world, the response I hope for is emotional and soulful

To this end I am a painter in oil because of the richness and depth of colour and tone one can achieve; but I have used and loved watercolour and simple drawing in graphite and conte crayon.