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Category Individual Artists
Name of Artist Grant Burke
Country Canada
City Newmarket
Artistic Styles Photo Realism
Subject Areas Still Life
Art Media Oil paint
Artist's Website Displays the photorealism artwork of contemporary Canadian artist Grant Burke
Grant Burke was born and raised in Newmarket, Ontario. He has had a passion for visual arts his whole life, constantly sketching or painting in his spare time. He spent his high school career attending St. Andrews College in Aurora, Ontario. It was at St. Andrews that Grant was able to branch out into different divisions of art such as sculpture, electronic media, print making and photography. Grant's true passion however, lies with painting. Working primarily with oil paints, the artist developed a signature technique of creating realistic still life pieces that are truly captivating. His method of handling paint produces an overall effect of mysterious distance, nearly photographic in its realistic rendering of texture and color. His work has been featured in many auctions as well as many households across Ontario. Grant recently completed his Bachelor of Arts Degree (BA) at Queen's Univeristy and will soon be attending Humber College in Toronto to begin the Advertising and Graphic Design Program.