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Category Individual Artists
Name of Artist Monique Jarry
Country Canada
City St-Jérôme
Artistic Styles Conceptual Art, Feminist, Modern , Religious , Symbolism
Subject Areas Fantasy, Religious
Art Media Acrylic paint, Charcoal, Colored pencil, Enamel paint, Goache, Graphite pencil, Ink, Latex paint, Oil paint
Artist's Website The site is about the art work and the writings on art of Monique Jarry. The works are in chronological order; from her early days to the most recent. The site is bilingual (French/English). The site is divided into 6 albums that are clearly explaine
Monique, like many artists, had ''periods'' throughout her work. In the sixties, she accepted that her painting be called ''psychedelic''. She meant to convey that it was all a matter of imagination and inner search. That drugs had no connection with the ability to create (This is part of her collaboration with the police Youth Assistance unit at station No. 34 in Montreal who sent her subjects (young) hoping that her painting class could help guide them). In the late sixties, she was elaborating the concept of ''soul expression''. Then in the seventies (1973 to 1976-77), she formulated ''Psychoanalysis through imagery or conceptual painting.'' Since 1987, she revisited her work, redefined it in terms of religious Sacred Art, and started to establish the principles of secular Sacred Art. The core of her approach to art has not really changed since its inception in her early years. The search for the grater Being, communication, a language to express oneself, evolve, get in touch with oneself and others. Only her definition of ''language'' has changed through her own evolution, refining the concept of a language by painting that would encompass as much variables as possible in order to achieve a level of understanding and knowledge necessary that wood by at the height of her personal aspirations and those of her brothers and sisters humans.