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Category Individual Artists
Name of Artist Cynzia Sanchez-Urrea
Country United States
City Atlanta
Artistic Styles Feminist
Subject Areas Portrait
Art Media Oil paint
Artist's Website
Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Cynzia Sanchez-Urrea learned from an early age how to apply color, different textures and ideas wherever they could be used to capture and reflect indelible memories through the use of paint onto a canvas. Cynzia moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 1982 to continue her undergraduate and graduate studies in Architecture at Georgia Institute of Technology. During her time in college, she took all her electives in art. She continued her art education on her own and soon started working on portraiture which became a career. In 2008, she enrolled at Savannah College of Art and Design to further her studies while working on a MFA in painting. Teaching art has always been one of Cynzia’s passions and in 2009 she started offering private art lessons to children and adults. She continues living in Atlanta with her husband and three children.