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Category Artist's Galleries
Gallery Name The Gallery of the Arts
Country Web
City Ann Arbor
Web Site The Gallery of the Arts is a virtual art gallery dedicated to providing high quality, unique and original artwork, and fine art quality reproductions.
Artistic Styles Abstract, Abstract Expressionism , Art Deco, Conceptual Art, Expressionism, Folk Art, Impressionism , Minimalism , Modern , Photo Realism, Pop Art, Primitive , Realism , Religious , Surrealism , Symbolism
Subject Areas Animal/Wildlife, Children, Comic, Fantasy, Floral, Landscape, Maritime, Nudes, Portraits, Religious, Sports, Still Life, Western
Art Media Acrylic paint, Dry pastel, Charcoal, Colored pencil, Conte crayon, Enamel paint, Goache, Graphite pencil, Ink, Marker, Oil paint, Oil pastel, Tempera, Watercolour
Description The Gallery of the Arts, a virtual art gallery offering world-class, unique and original fine art, experimental art, exploratory art, as well as museum quality, giclee reproductions of these artists' original works. The artists range from seasoned, reknowed artists, to up and coming talent breaking on to today's art scene.

The high caliber work spans all art forms, such as paintings, sculpture, drawings, digital, photography, music and more; styles like abstract, contemporary, impressionism, realism, ethnic, surrealism—the whole span; and across all genre like landscapes, seascape, cityscapes, architectural, botanicals, florals, figures, people, planes, trains and automobiles, pets, animals, nature, wildlife and just about anything you might imagine. You can also shop for art by price, or color theme.

The Gallery of the Arts showcases some of the finest abstract art on the Web or found in any brick & mortar gallery. Likewise with pure pigmentation, experimental and exploratory techniques, collages, montages, assemblages, mixed media, multimedia, and interactive.

The Gallery of the Arts is an actual gallery who personally works with their artists to showcase and competitively market their work. It's NOT an online marketplace for everyone and anyone. The works are juried, selected and artists galleries created accordingly to their uniqueness, artistic caliber and marketability. The Gallery's reproductions are high quality, photographic prints or on archival stocks, or museum-quality, giclée prints on 100% acid-free canvas or watercolor papers.