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Category Individual Artists
Name of Artist Judy DiMuzio
Country United States
City Cincinnati
Artistic Styles Modern
Subject Areas Nudes
Art Media Ink
Artist's Website Cincinnati printmaker Judy DiMuzio creates limited edition etchings, woodcuts, collographs, and monoprints
Judy DiMuzio studied fine art at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, where she merited a printmaking scholarship from the Fred and Sylvia Yeiser endowment. In 1986, Judy received her BFA in printmaking from the Art Academy. She explores many forms of artistic expression including painting, sculpture, pottery, and copper enameling. Judy studied copper enameling for five years at The Baker Hunt Foundation in Kentucky. She is experienced with all types of printmaking, but is enjoying a newfound interest in woodcuts. Through the use of color, she energizes her prints. Judy’s work is figurative with a narrative quality. She continues to be drawn to the classic dilemma of good vs. evil. Judy has exhibited her work in many galleries and street fairs and has created brochure art since 2005. She has been an active member of the local print co-op Tiger Lily Press since 1999.