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Category Individual Artists
Name of Artist Vinka
Country Croatia
City Zg-Ri
Artistic Styles Photo Realism, Realism
Subject Areas Nudes, Portrait
Art Media Acrylic paint, Graphite pencil, Oil paint, Watercolour
Artist's Website fine art paintings
My name is Vinka Gašparuš. I was born on September 14th 1987 in Zagreb, which is a capital city of a small country in Europe, Croatia. I went to High School of Applied Art and Design, Zagreb. After high school in 2006 I began my studies at The Academy of Applied Arts, Rijeka, majoring in art and painting. Currently I'm in my fourth year of studies and I'm continuing for a masters degree in fine arts after I finish The Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka, Croatia.

I usually paint nudes and portraits, because I believe that charismatic model and my relationship with him/her can bring a painting to life. Few years ago I was mostly drawing with pencil and it is still one of my favourite tools but at the moment I am exploring with oil. I believe it gives lots of opportunities to artists creativity. I like realistic, almost photo-realistic painting because I adore a challenge which I have to solve then.