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Category Individual Artists
Name of Artist Guido Vedovato
Country Italy
City Vicenza
Artistic Styles Primitive
Subject Areas Animal/Wildlife
Art Media Oil paint
Artist's Website Naive art
Guido Vedovato was born in 1961 in Vicenza. Self-taught, he is a naïve painter and sculptor. His first exhibition was in 1986. Today, his works are exhibited in many countries in Europe, the United States, Russia, Asia and Canada.
Its paints are inspired by life's scenes, peoples, animals of the mountains where he has been living for longtime.
About its sculptures, he has a predilection for primitive wodden or terracotta figures, raw or coloured too, with shapes ascribable to the traditional and popular sculpture of the north-eastern alpine area of Italy.

His works are acquired by the following museums:
Museum of Naive Art in Jagodina – Serbia,
National Naive Art Museum C.Zavattini – Italy,
Bages International Naive Art Museum – France,
Slovenian Naive Art Museum in Trebnje – Slovenia,
MAN Naive Art Museum Béraut – France,
International Naive Art Museum – Spain,
Naive Art Museum Y. M. Daigle – Canada,
Vihorlatske Muzeum Humenné – Slovak Republic,
MIDAN Intern. Naive Art Museum Vicq – France,
Musée d’Art Spontané, Brussels Belgium,
Naive Art Museum – Lauro – Italy.