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Category Individual Artists
Name of Artist David Fedeli
Country United States
City Denver
Artistic Styles Realism , Romanticism , Surrealism
Subject Areas Landscape, Portrait
Art Media Graphite pencil, Ink, Oil paint
Artist's Website DJ Fedeli Gallery
Artist Statement

"I believe that as an artist, it is not my purpose to dictate what the viewer sees on the canvas, but rather to pose a question that causes them to seek an answer within themselves. Each individual brings their own life experiences into the decision, and for each of them the meaning is truly unique. My passion lies in reaching that inner self, and drawing it into, and out of, my art. My goal is to create a moment that touches their soul."

~DJ Fedeli


David J. Fedeli (Born, 1959) - Largely a self-taught artist, David demonstrated natural artistic abilities at a very young age, having his sketches publicly displayed from the early age of 10.

He studied Graphic Arts & Fine Arts at 3 Colleges in San Diego in the early 80's while working as a Graphic Designer. Discontent with the slow pace of the classroom, he abandoned school and continued working in the Graphic Arts industry. During the next 15 years he focused on developing his technical skills and worked successfully as a free-lance designer and industry professional. Throughout this period, his artwork took on many forms, as he was striving to find the right outlet for his creativity.

In 2000, he met and became friends with Robert Watson, an American artist with an international reputation. Recognizing his abilities, Mr. Watson took him under wing, and provided David with the direction and focus he had been seeking for so long. David studied with artist Robert Watson for 4 years, until his passing. He reflects that during this time, he learned more about the world of art, both the mental aspect and physical skills, than he had learned in all his years of school.

Watson's unconventional approach to teaching struck a chord with David, and the results were immediate. David's style reflects what he learned, falling into the category of surrealism and neo-romanticism.