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Category Individual Artists
Name of Artist barbara jean hennessy
Country Canada
City vernon
Artistic Styles Abstract, Modern
Subject Areas Children, Floral, Landscape
Art Media Acrylic paint
Artist's Website Modern to Traditional Art, Original wall art for all age groups by Barbarajean
Barbara jean Hennessy was born in Vancouver, Canada and grew up in Vernon , British Columbia. She graduated at VSSS, as the top student in, Art, and directly after she continued studying Fine Arts, in Vancouver.

After several years in Vancouver, she moved back to Vernon where she now resides.
When creating my artwork I try to encompass interesting design themes, and compositions without going too over the top in designing , an example is the , Sunflower Art painting, it is slightly abstract but you as a viewer know that the art painting is sunflowers. I do also enjoy over the top abstract art work and will be adding some in the future on this website,

As a trained artist, I love to add a touch of imagination to my designs, with comforting colors and unique combinations of different subjects, one of my favorite quotes is , " Logics will get you from A to B, imagination will take you everywhere" , Albert Einstein.