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Category Individual Artists
Name of Artist Timothe' Winstead
Country United States
City Enfield
Artistic Styles Realism
Subject Areas Portrait
Art Media Oil paint
Artist's Website
I graduated from the Arts High School in Newark, NJ, then attended the Newark School of Fine and Industrial Arts for 4 years and graduated. After graduation I decided that I wanted to teach art so I enrolled at Montclair State University and majored in Fine Arts, but found out after 2 years that that was not where my heart was. I wanted to be in a more creative environment so I started working in the fashion industry where I started out as a textile designer and ended up as the head of the art department. After working in the fashion field for 15 years that yearning for real fine art was still present, so I pursued it by starting my own greeting card company where I created all the artwork and verse. I did that for 5 years. I am now cultivating my love of portraits where I am continually working on a list of celebrity faces. I am very excited about the upcoming commission portrait work that I am going to be doing I had to FACE the ART.