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Category Individual Artists
Name of Artist Joy Bezanis
Country United States
City Everett
Artistic Styles Realism
Subject Areas Portrait
Art Media Oil paint
Artist's Website Joy Bezanis Gallery on Etsy
I paint portraits in oil that become treasured family heirlooms or to honor corporate leaders.

Growing up one of my earliest memories was the desire to be a painter, and people and animals have always been my favorite subjects. I love the challenge of capturing that essence of inner beauty I see in everyone. It’s been a long road with many detours, but I have finally come back to my first love.

Starting with watercolor and acrylics and eventually moving to oil pastels and then oils, has been an education in itself. Each medium has its own strengths and weaknesses. Depending on the subject matter and the overall tone or atmosphere of the painting will be the deciding factor in which medium I use.

Classical Realism is my favorite style, however, I like custom matching the style of the painting to the subject matter and to the personal style of the investor. Changing up styles helps to keep me fresh and increases my problem solving skills.


I start with an under-painting in burnt sienna to add warmth to the final painting. Then I add light, mid, and dark tones in gray creating a complete black and white value painting. This helps me get my darks and lights exactly the way I want them. Then I add glazes of color. Glazes are paint mixed with a clear medium. The effect is that you can see each color layer through the next and it lends luminosity to the painting.


All of my original paintings are stretched, by me, on frames that have been custom made. Usually the frames (stretcher bars) have a 2 ¾ inch profile and do not need framing. These are great for more contemporary or modern homes. For more traditional homes I may use a thinner profile that looks better in a frame.