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Category Artist's Galleries
Gallery Name The Papercut Haggadah
Country Israel
City Jerusalem
Web Site Papercut Haggadah
Artistic Styles Folk Art
Subject Areas Religious
Art Media Acrylic paint
Description Commissioned by private collectors almost ten years ago, Granot’s Haggadah was crafted with the goal of evoking the intense emotions attached with the Passover Seder by utilizing geometric and abstract shapes instead of the usual symbols. Fifty five pages long, every word of Hebrew text in his Haggadah is handcut, with each page standing as both an independent work of art and a single piece of a beautiful, thematically unified whole. Each page tackles a certain aspect or song associated with the Seder, with one piece titled “Ma Nishtanah” (The Four Questions). Another page of Granot’s Haggadah is dedicated to representing “Pesach, Matzah, Maror” (The Passover Offering, the Unleavened Bread and the Bitter Herb), and incorporates shapes that evoke the traditional matzah. Each of the 55 pages in his Papercut Haggadah measures 53cm x38cm (21″ x15″) with some pages weighing more than 5 pounds and exhibits Granot’s unique style while fulfilling his goal in representing the emotions of Passover.