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Category Individual Artists
Name of Artist Michael Lucarelli
Country United States
City Salt Lkae City
Artistic Styles Abstract
Subject Areas Fantasy
Art Media Acrylic paint
Artist's Website Cosmic Images
I am a self taught abstract painter, which I believe allows me more artistic freedom and creativity. I have however been trained in several different aspects of art. I am know throughout Utah the U.S and abroad as a classical guitarist, composer, and recording artist. I studied Martial Arts for several years through the School “Japan International” in Salt Lake City. Karate eventually led me to the discovery of YOGA. I have been studying the art of Yoga since 1990. I received my “teacher certification” with Ghanga White and Tracy Rich in Santa Barbara in 2000. Yoga and Music play an important role in the process of creating on canvas. When I create I use the knowledge and skills I have gained through these mediums. One of the eight limbs of Yoga is “Meditation”. By keeping my mind quiet I am able to let the forces of nature , or the higher self, appear on canvas. Classical guitar also requires the performer to be completely present and communicate to the listener the same connection to this incredible universe in which we live. One of the other limbs of Yoga is “the withdrawal of the senses”. By not attaching yourself with objects and things you are able to connect and liberate yourself from the trappings of life. This is where I feel Abstract paintings can express the true nature of our existence.