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Category Individual Artists
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Name of Artist victoria selbach
Country United States
City new york
Artistic Styles Realism
Subject Areas Nudes, Portrait
Art Media Acrylic paint
Artist's Website
Victoria Selbach Artist Statement

I am captivated and drawn to faces. The glow and spirit that comes from within. The character and dimension beneath the surface. The slight movement that conveys emotion, foretells thought or surrenders to feelings and eruptions of joy. The point where muscle tension moves subtly, catches the light and initiates the gesture.

To capture this on larger than life canvases feels to me as an intimate and sensual merging of empathy and paint.

The structure of my paintings usually begin with close up, graphic compositions that offer strong and simple architecture between the softness of the human form and the angular composition of background and negative space.

The subject and canvas is then flooded with light, from a strong source, creating sculptural effects and dramatic contrast. As light plays on the surface of the body I am particularly fascinated where light collides with shadow and recedes into darkness.

I paint with a sensitivity tuned to subtle emotion. As I paint I can feel the sparkle in the eye and the invisible tension held under the skin to create the curl of the lip or the almost imperceptible rise of an eyebrow.

Using layers of sheer acrylic I attempt to structure the paint to evoke the luminosity and transparency of the skin as if the light permeates the tone and structure of the body itself.

Capturing these transitions and impulses ignites an intimate expression unique to one individual’s personal essence and emotes shared sensations that cross all ages, times and human experiences. The end result is at once highly personal yet glimmers of a shared universal experience.