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Category Individual Artists
No Picture
Name of Artist Stefan Albani
Country United States
City El Paso, TX
Artistic Styles Abstract
Subject Areas Fantasy
Art Media Acrylic paint
Artist's Website Art Is Everywhere
Life as a sketch was born out of appreciation of a generalizing term, art. Almost anyone can claim that what they do, enjoy or perceive is an art. While many outside this community see this as somehow tainting what culture has passed down to us, I can’t help but be amazed by it. Instead of trying to find reasons to weed out potential contaminates, I’ve aimed to collect them.

I hope to share with the world my interpretation of Art in everyday life. This collection is to the little things that make us laugh, smile, or cry. Its to the nooks and crannies found nestled in the cracks of the beaten path. Its to the sounds and tastes that cannot be captured. This collection is to the artists that will never be seen or heard but who will never fail to remind us of the beauty of imagining.

As you look through the images, paintings, films, and sounds amassed in these pages, I hope you are inspired. And if you are, I hope you return