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Category Individual Artists
Name of Artist Lisa Kretchman
Country United States
City Douglas
Artistic Styles Expressionism, Realism , Symbolism
Subject Areas Floral, Landscape, Maritime, Nudes, Portrait, Still Life
Art Media Acrylic paint, Dry pastel, Watercolour
Artist's Website Realistic and narrative pastels, acrylics, and mixed-media
Lisa is a multidisciplinary artist and animator. Working with soft pastels, acrylic and mixed-media, she explores views of the beauty of the natural world as well as personal journeys into narrative art and symbolism.

Organic shapes and vibrant color are often reflected in Lisa's work. Starting with strong simple shapes, texture and detail are layered into each piece. As the painting evolves, the goal is to evoke a mood, often based on a key term or ideal, sometimes incorporating narrative or sybolism. Lisa will also experiment with unexpected materials - torn edges and text may be used in a piece to contrast with the soft texture of the pastel.

When she is not painting, Lisa develops Flash animation and interactivity for her company Pixel-Artistry.