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Category Individual Artists
Name of Artist M Vlasic
Country United States
City Denver
Artistic Styles Realism
Subject Areas Nudes, Portrait
Art Media Oil paint
Artist's Website The official website of figurative and portrait painter M Vlasic. Realistic impressionism in oil.
I have a strange relationship with people. I am at once fascinated and repulsed. Fear and loathing with a joyful embrace. This duality in my at-odds psyche has turned into an obsession, one which I express the only way I know how, and that is to paint. When I render the human form, I am digging into the person, pulling out what and who they are. I want to show their insides, for better or worse. By pushing and pulling the paint, the light and the shadow, I am laying them, and myself, bare on the canvas. It is my attempt to find the humanity, the God-spark, in them, and in me.

There is nothing more beautiful and horrible and lofty and base as a human being, and for me, no other subject worthy of deep exploration. I feel my soul in painting the
human form, and so the flesh is always calling me.

Only oil paint will do for me. I fell in love with the medium, with it’s soft, sensual feel and rich intensity of color in my first college painting classes. I paint thin, in many
successive layers. This time-consuming technique gives my work a luminous quality. Because of the brief, expressive nature of the images I am creating, I work from
photographs, many taken myself and some in collaboration with local photographers.

I am often asked which painting is my favorite. The answer, the one I am doing now. The process of watching each work unfold, the moment when the flat canvas begins to breath, that is the fuel that drives me to keep creating.

Thank you for your interest,
-M Vlasic

Please see my website for resume' and press information.