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Category Individual Artists
Name of Artist simon s andrews
Country Canada
City vancouver
Artistic Styles Expressionism, Impressionism
Subject Areas Floral, Landscape, Nudes, Portrait, Still Life
Art Media Oil paint
Artist's Website Simon S. Andrews Art
Simon S. Andrews
b. 1972

The son of a potter, Simon S. Andrews was raised in the Okanagan valley, educated in northern Alberta, and worked for many years in the video game industry before settling in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2002. Finding the work enjoyable, but office life increasingly unbearable, he gave up his career to learn fine art. In late 2007 he began oil painting, and found a natural affinity with the medium. By early 2008 he was invited to display a series of small works in a small Vancouver gallery. Encouraged by the positive reception to his early work, he began to study painting full-time.
He continues to work and live in Vancouver with his wife, Juliette.