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Category Individual Artists
Name of Artist Cheryl D. McClure
Country United States
City Overton
Artistic Styles Abstract, Modern
Subject Areas Landscape
Art Media Acrylic paint
Artist's Website Contemporary Abstract Paintings by Cheryl D. McClure
I have lived in north eastern Texas for most of my life. My work is abstract to non-objective, while still speaking of the landscape and nature.

Living on a ranch in a rural area of the state, I am heavily influenced by my surroundings. My work continues to evolve in both style and form. Each brush stroke, mark and color is rooted in my experiences and memories. My paintings are gestural with a complex surface quality.

Acrylic on canvas is the most utilized medium and substrate, especially for larger pieces. Collage/mixed media and/or encaustic is also used when working on paper or wood panels. I enjoy the process of experimentation with technique and materials. That said, there is a quality that stays the same in style from one painting to another.

I have no formal art education other than my own time spent in the studio, viewing work of interest in galleries and museums. I have sought out experienced teachers in the past with workshops or classes. I have been painting for more than thirty years……that is my real art education.