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Category Individual Artists
Name of Artist Michelle Kaufman
Country United States
City NY
Artistic Styles Expressionism, Realism , Surrealism
Subject Areas Portrait
Art Media Oil paint
Artist's Website Michelle Kaufman Paintings
As an eight-year-old, I wrote that I would be an artist when I grew up. After college, I had a successful, but time consuming, career on Wall Street. In 2007, art creation became a compulsion for me after I became reacquainted with the cycles of euphoria and disgust that are part of it. I expect to be actively engaged in creating art for the rest of my life.

My art has always focused on the human face. The face is everyone’s most complex, non-verbal manifestation of their consciousness. I am continually looking for ways to express psychologically intense moments. Drama, complexity, and energy are the things that sustain my interest.

In the fall of 2007, I saw The Diving Bell and The Butterfly. I have never felt so much as if I were inside of someone else’s body as I did during the scene where Bauby’s eye is sewn shut. I decided to learn how to make video and to study film on my own because I wanted to be able to transport people like the scene in Diving Bell had transported me.