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Category Individual Artists
Name of Artist Gary Holland
Country United States
City Boise
Artistic Styles Impressionism , Realism , Romanticism
Subject Areas Animal/Wildlife, Children, Floral, Historical, Landscape, Maritime, Nudes, Portrait, Religious, Sports, Still Life, Trompe L'Oeil, Western
Art Media Dry pastel, Charcoal, Graphite pencil, Oil paint, Watercolour
Artist's Website Impressionist paintings by a modern master, Gary Holland
Whether landscape paintings, still lifes, portrait, figure, or even pet portraits...Holland does them all--with passion. As the artist puts it, he has been blessed with a "passion for creation."

Earning degrees in such disciplines as music, art, education and psychotherapy, his insightful art reflects the diversity of his interests. Holland's work can be found in collections throughout the world. His art has been featured in the USA, Europe and Asia.

He began his studies alone, learning by copying the famous artist's paintings. Later he would study with such instructors as Daniel Green, Ramon Kelley and Zhang Wen Xin. His recent work includes paintings that reflect the life and culture of the world's poorest children. Combining art with compassion, Gary Holland founded the For the Children, Inc. charity. Sales of Holland's art and books help support underfunded orphanages in Haiti, Vietnam and China.