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Category Individual Artists
Name of Artist Daniel Quinonez
Country United States
City Long Beach
Artistic Styles Abstract, Art Deco, Conceptual Art, Cubism, Expressionism, Folk Art, Impressionism , Modern , Pop Art
Subject Areas Animal/Wildlife, Children, Floral, Nudes, Portrait, Religious
Art Media Acrylic paint, Enamel paint, Latex paint, Marker, Primer
Artist's Website Create2inspire
I am a mixed media artist from Long Beach California. I use rusted sheet metal instead of canvas. I work with the rust in the metal incorporating the grinding of the metal for texture. I am a self taught artist raw and not so art educated. I recently have found my true love in creating at a later age. I am going forward with all the passion one can have for something they love. I am not worried about what I have to lose in the responses..I am more concerned with the positive I can bring people that my work comes from the heart. I am truly in love with the people that love art and appreciate it. I am truly inspired by the newness I feel when I pick up my metal and brush and create. The newness of something wonderful and special. Something special that someone will recieve to inspire them to love. Art brings inspiration and love.