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Category Individual Artists
Name of Artist Elizarica Anderson
Country United States
City San Jose
Artistic Styles Photo Realism
Subject Areas Portrait
Art Media Oil paint
Artist's Website Original portrayal of Elizarica of families and children.
For many years fine oil, portrait paintings and watercolor images that capture the character and vitality of subjects was the focus of the arts. But five years ago when ElizaRica was introduced to the infinite universe of virtual media – the limitless pallets, brushes, and tools of the digital world – ElizaRica has researched about portraiture with renewed excitement that challenge her to expand her own artistic and creative horizons, using Artists Oils and mixed medias.

Today ElizaRica’s art embraces the following media, subject matters, styles and products. Watercolor, oil pastels and oil Interpretations enhance by photographic Artist Oil media portraits of families and children, restoration artwork and digital illustrations.