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Category Individual Artists
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Name of Artist Danail Kondikov
Country Bulgaria
City Sofia
Artistic Styles Abstract
Subject Areas Still Life
Art Media Latex paint, Magna paint, Oil paint
Artist's Website Danail Kondikov Paintings and art projects. Sculpture, art lamps and original paintings.
Danail Kondikov
• Exhibitions and Participations

2009 Together with Svetlozar Petkov ”Papillon” Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria;

2008 Together with Svetlozar Petkov ”Forum” Gallery, Haskovo, Bulgaria;

2008- One-man Show in “Testa” Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

2008- “ 30 x 30 “ Astry Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

2007- “ 30 x 30 “ Astry Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

2006- “ 30 x 30 “ Astry Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria
2006- One-man Show in “Testa” Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria

2005 Together with Todor Ovcharov(“ Oblia & Bonzaia”), Light Works “ Exhibition” , “Autograph” Gallery, Plovdiv, Bulgaria;

2002 First International Biennial Of Small Shapes, Pleven, Bulgaria. He takes part with plastic arts;

2002- Kondikov makes тhе project for the prize(- a golden ring ) for” PERPERIKON”- the International Theatre Festival. The Festival is organized under the patronage of the President of Bulgaria Mr. Parvanov;

2002 – A founder–member and executive director of CASO “Instrument”;

2001- One-man Show in “ Moon Of Roots” Gallery, Burgas, Bulgaria;

2001- “ Targets” Action with DARIK radio- Nina Alexandrova, Art Protest after 11.09.2001;

2001- International Biennial Of Graphics, Varna, Bulgaria;

2001- “Irida” Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria with Stefan Lyutakov student’s class;

2001 – “ Candels” Project, XXL Gallery, Sofia, Bulgaria;

2001 – “ Candels” Project in “ Rafael Mihailov” Exhibition Halls, Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria;

2000- “ Ilindenci”- Third International Symposium Of Sculpture, Ilindenci, Bulgaria;

2000 – Third Prize at the Planner at the International Folklore Festival in Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria;

1999- “ Humour and Satire of the Nations”, International Biennial, Gabrovo, Bulgaria;

His Art Works are in: Bulgaria, Germany, Holland, Mexico, Norway, England;
e-mail: [email protected]
tel: 0897860437