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Category Individual Artists
Name of Artist Bradly Dreamwalker MacDonald
Country Canada
City Barrie
Artistic Styles Abstract, Folk Art, Modern , Pop Art, Surrealism , Symbolism
Subject Areas Animal/Wildlife, Children, Historical, Landscape, Portrait, Still Life, Western
Art Media Acrylic paint, Charcoal, Colored pencil, Enamel paint, Oil paint, Oil pastel, Watercolour
Artist's Website Native Artist
Bradly Dreamwalker MacDonald is from Algonquins of Pikwaknagan in Ontario Canada. He has experience in oil paintings as well as many other types of artistic things. Painting in oil, acrylic, charchoel, pastels, as well as sculpting in stone of life-size people and objects. Also wood carving, soap stone statues, portraits and much more. Please contact Bradly Dreamwalker MacDonald for more information at 705-305-4208 (please leave a message if he misses your call).