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Category Individual Artists
Name of Artist Bruno Hildebrando
Country Canada
City Montreal
Artistic Styles Conceptual Art, Pop Art
Subject Areas Animal/Wildlife, Fantasy, Floral, Landscape, Maritime, Religious
Art Media Conte crayon
Artist's Website Bruno Hildebrando
Bruno Hildebrando is a visual artist who experience his life between two worlds - his home country Brazil and his adopted one, Canada.
His artwork would not be different. He starts with crayon conte' or a brush and nanquin on paper, for later scan all of this roughs and put in Photoshop. The result is unique as his imagination.
His objective is humanize what is artificial, taking all Photoshop resources and use them like watercolor, oil, pastel and so on.
His art is not digital. His art is not traditional. His art lies between the past and the future, sadness and happyness, but above all of these things, his art express beauty.