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Category Individual Artists
Name of Artist Seahawk Wang-Radojcic
Country United States
City New York City
Artistic Styles Modern
Subject Areas Landscape
Art Media Oil paint
Artist's Website Beautiful City Womderful Life
To inspire all artists, THE CREATOR, has provided endless motives as: horizons, oceans' waves, colorful flowers, meadows, animals, insects, love songs from blooming tree, deadly dance by mountain's goats, body's pain expressed on faces, soul's agony and fear hidden in deepness of the eyes, happiness from mothers hug, peacefulness of small village, fast life in modern big cities...
When my inner emotions interact with the reality of everyday' life in New York City they brings hidden energy from buildings, bridges, trees, parked cars, sport arenas, music from underground of subway and people on the streets which I convey to my canvas.
My paintings will continue to capture each moment in time of Beautiful City Wonderful Life which is my City of New York.

2002 - 2004. Studied Chinese traditional
philosophy of human soul, body and the
secrets of life.
1991. Graduate with Bachelor Degree in Fine Art.
1987. Admitted to prestigious The Northeastern
University of Art
1986. Finished Senior High School.