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Category Individual Artists
Name of Artist Robert P. Hedden
Country United States
City Wellesley Island NY
Artistic Styles Impressionism , Realism
Subject Areas Landscape, Maritime, Nudes, Portrait
Art Media Acrylic paint, Charcoal, Goache, Ink, Oil paint, Watercolour
Artist's Website Website
My passions are plein air painting(mostly oils) and figurative art(life drawing/painting-mostly watercolor). I formed Plein Air Painters Thousand Islands Region(PAPTIR)in April 2009. No membership fees,officers,directors,or meetings, just birds of a feather get together. Events are every two weeks May through October when the snowbirds return from the South for the summer here along the 1000 Islands Region St Lawrence River,NY State. I enjoy painting where there are lots of people and include them in the paintings. I have been invited to farmers markets and other events to paint as an attraction and have success selling the completed paintings. I equally enjoy painting landscapes in isolated spots. My favorite plein air medium is oil.

For life drawing I use charcoal drawings as a basis for developing watercolors or oils. The drawings from workshops or semester long courses at St Lawerence College,Brockville Ontario,a thirty five minute drive from Wellesley Island. Sometimes I work directly from life in these sessions using acrylics.

Three years ago I built a studio on the second floor center section on our existing barn. I have about 500 square feet with a kitchen and bath area where I work exclusively on art and display of completed works to patrons.

I belong to several local Art Organizations and have won a number of awards. I have been creating art since I was a kid and have devoted a significant amount of time to it in the last five years. When I traveled I took my art supplies and have plein air work (mostly sketches) dating back over twenty years. I treasure them more than the photos or slides from the trips.