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Category Individual Artists
Name of Artist Adelaide Damoah
Country United Kingdom
City London
Artistic Styles Abstract, Abstract Expressionism , Feminist, Surrealism
Subject Areas Nudes, Portrait
Art Media Oil paint
Artist's Website Website dedicated to Adelaide Damoah. A provocative, inspiring, thought provoking artist whose artistic works have already courted controversy.
Adelaide is best known for her 2006 exhibition "Black Brits" whereby she attempted to evoke a racial debate with striking pieces of British Icons, leading to appearances on BBC London News and Channel 5 News.

Adelaide had three solo shows in 2008, all to great acclaim, and three group shows in 2009 so far. Adelaide was specially commissioned by the NCDV- a domestic violence charity, to produce a series of paintings which went into a solo exhibition on 1 October in SOHO, London, United Kingdom. So far, she has two solo exhibitions booked for 2010 in Denmark and Spain, and a solo show in 2011 in Rome.

* BSC Honour Applied Biology from Kingston University Surrey, UK

Past exhibitions:

* 2005 solo show Buffalo film festival Clapham UK
* Feb 2006 Solo show "Black Brits" Islington UK
* October 2006 Group show Francophone Space African Arts Portsmouth UK
* November 2007 Group show. I2U gallery Ladbrook Grove UK
* June 2008 Solo show. "Black Lipstick" Bernie Grant Art center UK
* August 2008 Solo show. "Black Lipstick" Clapham UK
* October 2008 Solo show "Supermodels" Nolia's Gallery Southwark UK
* February 2009 Group show. Screen Nation Awards Bafta, Piccadilly UK
* March 2009 Group show Rich Mix, Brick Lane UK
* June 2009 Group show Opera Gallery Budapest Hungary
* October 2009 Solo show Soho, with National Centre for Domestic Violence charity (NCDV) London, UK