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Category Individual Artists
Name of Artist jaap snijder
Country Netherlands
City rotterdam
Artistic Styles Baroque, Conceptual Art, Mannerism , Photo Realism, Realism , Religious , Surrealism , Symbolism
Subject Areas Animal/Wildlife, Fantasy, Historical, Maritime, Nudes, Portrait, Religious, Still Life, Trompe L'Oeil
Art Media Oil paint
Artist's Website still life painting and portraits
Jaap snijder (Rotterdam 1966)
The oil paintings of Jaap Snijder are predominantly still life paintings placed in an unusual setting of different elements like shells, wood and other organic materials. His realistic self-taught technique is a matter of detail. His aim is to create a field of tension in the composition, creating a dialogue with the viewer. Graphic designer by profession, Jaap Snijder studied cultural arts in 1998 when he gained an interest in painting.

His work is mostly inspired by the Memento Mori or Vanitas themes from the 17th century translated into contemporary iconology. This mixture of influences characterizes his 'magic realistic' style. His paintings have a limited palette of five basic colours painted on wooden panels. Typical features are the use of high contrasts and his preference for grey greens and 'old' blue colours. This is also the case in the more recently painted portraits.