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Organization Name Merrickville Artists Guild
Country Canada
City Merrickville, ON
Web Site Merrickville Artists Guild
Artistic Styles Abstract, Abstract Expressionism , Conceptual Art, Expressionism, Folk Art, Modern , Realism
Subject Areas Animal/Wildlife, Children, Fantasy, Floral, Landscape, Maritime
Art Media Acrylic paint, Charcoal, Colored pencil, Conte crayon, Graphite pencil, Ink, Oil paint, Oil pastel, Watercolour
Description Merrickville modestly claims to be Canada’s prettiest village - a claim you will find well founded if you visit here either in summer or winter. Merrickville is also home to the Merrickville Artists' Guild, or MAG as we like to call ourselves. As a group of local artists we formed a guild in 1984 to help promote our work. Some of the original artists are still with us, along with many others now, who offer a wide variety of interests in art and craft. Most of us are open year round, by chance or appointment, and we still hold our annual Studio Tour and Sale in the fall. At that time if you decide to visit you know for sure we will be at home in our studios waiting to welcome you..... But come by at any time of the year. There's lots to see and Merrickville is a lovely place to be. There's a 'feeling' about it all.