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Category Individual Artists
Name of Artist Gnana,P
Country Singapore
City singapore
Artistic Styles Abstract, Conceptual Art, Expressionism, Impressionism , Modern , Romanticism
Subject Areas Animal/Wildlife, Nudes, Religious, Still Life
Art Media Oil paint
Artist's Website Gnana,P
The cow has always been one of Gnana’s favourite animals. When Gnana was a little boy, his parents used to own and breed cows in their home in Neyveli. This childhood affiliation towards the cow is being beautifully rekindled through his much-appreciated current body of artworks: the heart-wrenching Eternal Companion series of paintings (oil on canvas).
Every painting in the Eternal Companion series touches upon a universal feeling of love that is accentuated by the comforting fact that no one person or animal is alone in love. The notion of emotional ecstasy and the enjoyable taste of being cherished are pictorially portrayed in a stylised, semi-figurative mode. Very often in this series, the moon is symbolically cast in the role of an undistracting cupid. The caressing and cajoling of the characters in the series affirm that, when it comes to portraying the true essence of love and affection, no word in the dictionary is as apt as a painting. To sum up his inspiration for the series, Gnana himself says, “Afterall, everybody needs a shoulder to lean on.” We cannot help but agree with him. – Vidhya Gnana Gouresan (Art Curator)