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Category Individual Artists
Name of Artist J Douglas
Country United States
City Fairfax
Artistic Styles Impressionism
Subject Areas Nudes
Art Media Oil paint
Artist's Website J Douglas - Artist
Inspired 48 x 36 Oil on canvas $3,100

Passion, it’s that unexplainable sense of satisfaction you feel when you are doing that which you were made to do. It’s what J experiences when he is at his easel. Art isn’t something that he chose. Rather, he feels that it chose him. From the time he was very young, J can remember being excited by the creative process.

J has found inspiration by studying other artists. From the classical work of Rembrandt van Rijn to the modern day work of Henry Asencio. He is also inspired to create by his love of the people he surrounds himself with and the energetic music he fills the air with while he paints.

Though his heart longed to go for it, many of his peers and authority figures suggested that he take another route in life, and be practical. Practical meant getting a “real” job and doing art on the side. So he got into the graphic arts world. He then started as a layout artist and grew to be an art director for printshops, sign companies, advertising agencies and eventually his own art studio. J also taught art classes to students privately, in community centers and colleges across the country. In the last decade he has supported his fine art passion with his other passion ... the martial arts. He owns and runs his own school, Tiger Claw Taekwondo (, in Leesburg, Virginia. When he is not there, you can almost guarantee he can be found in his art studio.

J Douglas will always be an artist. He will always seek to take raw materials and turn them into something beautiful that inspires. It is what he was made for. Thank you for allowing him to share his passion with you.