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Organization Name Mississauga Art Society
Country Canada
City MIssissauga, ON
Web Site Mississauga Art Society
Artistic Styles Abstract, Abstract Expressionism , Expressionism, Impressionism , Realism
Subject Areas Animal/Wildlife, Children, Comic, Fantasy, Floral, Historical, Landscape, Maritime, Nudes, Portraits, Religious, Sports, Still Life
Art Media Acrylic paint, Graphite pencil, Ink, Oil paint, Oil pastel, Watercolour
Description The Mississauga Art Society (MAS) began in 1955 as a painting class conducted by Alex Miller. The society is recognized as being the oldest art society in the region. Over the years MAS has evolved into a forum of more experienced artists and during this time the society has undergone several name changes. The society currently comprises of 36 members who meet on Thursday evenings at the Visual Arts Mississauga Centre to paint, share ideas and critique work of other members. Painting demonstrations in the community are often presented by members. The society holds two annual shows, a fall show in October and a spring show in April. Approximately 100+ new works are on display at each show and sale. The word diversity is key in describing the society, as one can find a broad spectrum of medium including pencil, pastels, pen & ink, oil, acrylic and watercolor. One can also find a diverse range of styles, including realist, impressionist, expressionist and abstract. Members experience delivers a wide range of subject matter.