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When you register at Artists in Oils, an email will be sent to the address you registered with containing your initial password. Please check your mail ! You must use this password to log in the first time, and you may (should) reset it immediately to protect your privacy and make it easier to remember. (See "Your Profile" section below).

Your Profile

The profile information you entered on registration does not create a listing in the directory. Your profile is only visible to you and the site administrator. You can edit your profile and change your password by selecting "My Profile" from the user menu located below the Artists in Oils logo at the upper left. Please be sure to add any the sites you wish people (and search engines) to see.

Directory Listings

Listings are like classified ads... except they are free ! Each Listing in the directory creates a dedicated page plus an entry in the category list linking to it. These pages are indexed by search engines and are a valuable way to increase the visibility of the resources you enter. Each listing page contains space for a photo or logo, the name of the resource, 400 words of freeform description text (no html) and an anchor hyperlink to the resource (link describes the site).

Add Listing To add a listing follow these steps:
  • Click on the Add Site menu button at the top of the page.
  • The form asks you to select the section the listing should go into. Please choose carefully !
  • Enter all the required details (marked with asterisk) and any optional details you wish to.
  • Be sure to include your link ! Use link text area to describe the page in 1-10 words. Ensure you include your link in the format . If the format is wrong your link will not work !
  • Click OK to save and your entry is instantly listed.
Modify Listing To modify a listing follow these steps:
  • Find the listing you want to change: Click on My Listings on the user menu (above categories).
  • Select link on the listing you wish to change.
  • Enter your changes.
  • Click OK to save and your entry is instantly re-listed.
Subscribing to the Artists in Oils (AiO) Bulletin

Artists in Oils Bulletin is a free, infrequent email note to advise registered members of significant changes at or important items of interest to the Fine Art community.

We only want to send the AiO bulletin to members who want to receive it. If you do not sign up we may send you one follow-up invitation email (and only one unless we make a mistake). Members can opt-out of receiveing the buletin at any time. Personal information of members will not be shared with third parties as a consequence of electing to receive this bulletin.

Please sign up for the it at the AiO Bulletin subscription page. If you would like to preview what's been sent in the past look here.

Following on Twitter
You can follow new artist and gallery listings at artistsinoils on Twitter Follow artistsinoils on Twitter

Subscribing to Newsfeeds

Newsfeeds are another way to follow new artist and gallery listings. Each category in the Artist in Oils directory has it's own channel. To subscribe click on the RSS button or feed name you want to follow from the list at the bottom of the Subscribe page.

Contacting Us

Please contact us at the address shown on the Help page.

About Reciprocal Linking

Your listing in Artists in Oils directory does not require a reciprocal link (from your site) back to ours, but if you choose to link back to us we would appreciate it greatly, of course. Our link details are:

  • Title: Artists in Oils Free Artist Directory
  • Link:
  • Description: Artists in Oils is a free Art & Artist Directory
OR you can cut and paste the code below to create a text link like this:

Artists in Oils Free Artist Directory

OR you can cut and paste this code for a transparent "I'm LISTED" badge:

I'm LISTED at Artists in Oils Free artist directory

OR you can cut and paste this code for a plain logo link:

Artists in Oils Free artist directory